6 Instant Conversation Starters

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Ahh Millenials, we sure do love our parties. Rooftop parties, garden parties… pizza parties? I mean, what’s not to love? Mingling with friends and associates is a great thing. It can bring everyone together and it’s one of the best forms of networking when done right. But sometimes spending time with people you don’t know anything about can get a bit… awkward.

One of the best ways to get the party started (pun intended) is to strike up a conversation with the people around you that you might not know so well. It’s obvious that you don’t want to talk about weather (drab) or politics (disastrous) so I’ve come up with some fun conversation starters to try out!

Next time the rose gets flowing and the music turns up bust out one of these fun questions and get your friends to open up! I’m going to post the question and then my answer 😉

  1. What are you binge watching on Netflix?
    Okay this one’s pretty basic, but I’ve tried it and it really gets people going! Plus you can get recommendations on what to watch next!

    I’m totally binging on The Crown currently. And Mindhunter. And Hart Of Dixie 🙂 Oh and I just finished Requiem <- You can check out my review by clicking the link. Obviously I have a thing with Netflix.

  2. Which Hemsworth brother is the most Eligible?
    Miley can keep Liam, I’m all about Chris. Fun fact: there’s a third brother also! & While you may think this one’s just for the girls, guys are keen to weigh in here too. Elliott is all about Thor and we’ve gotten into a heavy debate with friends regarding who is the better brother.
  3. Red, White, or Rose.
    Assuming your company is over 21 they’ve likely had wine and have an opinion on it. Maybe they hate wine and you can have a healthy debate! Maybe they believe you should only have certain wines with certain foods and you learn something new! Or maybe you’ll get into a great conversation about your favorite red. Either way it’s a win-win!

    My current favorite is Rose and honestly I just tried it this year! I like super dry whites and light reds so it makes sense for me to be a typical rose gal. Have you ever tried Frose? You really should.
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  4. If you could become instant BFF’s with someone who would it be and why?
    This one is great because it really makes people think! Seriously try it you’d be surprised by the answers you get.

    I would love to become friends with Gwenyth Paltrow because she’s all about living your best, healthiest life & she gives off such good vibes! I’d also love to become friends with Martha Stewart who is a total #girlboss

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  5. What’s the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten & did you like it?
    Another fun one! People really get into this whether you’ve eaten the weird food or they did.

    The weirdest food I ate was Kangaroo & I HATED it! Elliott’s sister brought us home Kangaroo Jerky from Australia and it was super dry and chewy and grainy. Nope!
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  6. Who do you think is social media #goals?
    I’m a huge fan of fashion accounts like Caitlin Covington and Emily Gemma. I also love inspiring fitness accounts like Sam Ozkural? Please forgive my terrible spelling!



I’d love for you to answer one or two of these in the comments! Lets have some fun!

Xo, Miranda


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  1. are those pizza burgers?? lol omg. I’m SO bad at small talk lol, so this is really great. I especially like that you suggested asking what people are binge watching, what a great way to discover some new shows!

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    1. Hahaha it IS a pizza burger! Thank you I literally am the same way with small talk so I figured some suggestions would be nice lol. I’m all about that Netflix life and am basically looking for new shows 24/7 lol

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