How To Tuesday: Avoiding The Sunday Scaries

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Weekends are basically the best. Mondays are deffinitely the worst. Everything in between is a blur. Now that we’ve got that covered … here are some tips on how to avoid that feeling when your weekend is over and you basically want to crawl under a blanket for all of eternity. That feeling is called The Sunday Scaries, & I’m here to help you chase it away forever.
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Do One Memorable Thing.
Ever get to the end of the weekend and think: “what did I even do?” “where did the weekend go?” One reason you may be experiencing such a mourning feeling for the weekend is that you didn’t do anything memorable. A good way to avoid this is picking one Activity to do that you can look forward to all week. Then, when you get around to doing said activity, you feel accomplished. At the end of the weekend you can look back and say “it was so fun to do that!” instead of “I didn’t do anything all weekend”. See where I’m going here? It can be as simple as a night out with friends or taking your dog to the park to a date night/concert.. just get out and do something!
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Have A Routine.
The best thing about weekends is having a little more time do things you enjoy and really be in the moment. One of the best ways for me to do that is by having a simple routine you follow. And I’m not saying structure your whole weekend. For instance we have a Sunday morning routine at our house where everyone sleeps in a bit, then we put on a Sunday morning Playlist, light some candles, and make a big breakfast with hot coffee. For me it’s something I look forward to every week. Other Ideas are a Friday night movie night or Saturday coffee & walk through your local park. Just find something you enjoy and do it every weekend.
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Do One Thing For Yourself.
Pick a time during the weekend to dedicate at least an hour to yourself. Maybe catch up on your favorite show, or read that Book you put down three weeks ago and forgot about. Basically just do something to treat yourself. Whether it’s finding time to do something you love, or pampering yourself at the spa/salon. Just treating yourself feels so special you won’t regret it.
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Involve Friends & Family.
A solo weekend filled with Netflix & sleep is deffinitely warranted every once and awhile but spending time with friends and family can actually boost your mood incredibly. Some good ideas would be planning a family dinner, or catching up with a girlfriend for coffee. Just having social connections makes you feel so much more secure and proven to make you feel Happier. Lastly, don’t forget your pet family. Snuggling with your cat or playing with your dog gives you that same bonding feeling ….and lets be honest: unconditional love rules.
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Do Something To De-Stress.
Wine on Friday night, yoga on Saturday morning, a bubble bath Sunday night. Basically just find one way to lower your stress levels. There are so many ways to do this but exercise is one of the best ways. A morning run or trip to the gym can do wonders! Even a brisk walk or hike! Another great idea is to book a massage. Lowering your stress levels now will help you feel better Sunday, I promise.

Keep A List.
For me it’s super helpful to have everything written out for me. That way I know exactly what I need to accomplish throughout the weekend. There’s nothing that brings on the scaries quite like realizing at 5pm Sunday that you forgot to do just about everything that needed to be done. For this reason I keep a list that I can reference. Usually throughout the week I add to it and then reference it all weekend, since I have a tendency to forget come Friday what I wanted to do. On the list I include groceries, along with chores, food I want to make, and fun ideas. For instance, this blog post was on the list last week!

Don’t Take On Too Much
I know this one is hard for all the parents out there. Between school, sports, parties, events, and just overall extra lives to take care of, it’s especially hard but important to learn when to say no. Cramming all of your errands into one weekend can leave you feeling unrested and burnt out. Try weening out things that don’t necessarily need to be done. If you simply have too much and not enough time try delegating or asking for help. A partner or family member is an awesome tool to utilize and usually you just have to ask!

Plan Your Week.
I know, it’s no fun to do chores on your weekend. & Nothing’s better than a lazy Sunday, I get it. BUT on the flipside nothing is worse than a Monday morning with dirty clothes, no lunches, and a sink full of dishes. See: Balance. If you’re not down for a deep clean of the house (and who is?) at least cover the basics. Wash and put away all your clothes for the week (bonus points for planning out outfits), keep your kitchen clean, and remove clutter from the rest of the house. It will make a huge difference. Lastly try to Prep some meals so you start your Monday off on the right note. I’ll usually boil some kind of grain like barley, quinoa, or brown rice, saute some kind of protein (usually chicken), and cook a few bags of steamer vegetables to make protein bowls for lunch. Then I’ll boil some eggs for an easy snack & make some kind of easy breakfast for the family like a Quiche





That’s all for now my loves,
Thank you for stopping in<3
Xo, Miranda.


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  1. Postivfworld says:

    Great post! I love to fill my weekends like you say with friends and family! Doing something worth while is for sure a good idea so on Monday morning you don’t feel like you’ve missed out! Preparing for the week is a good idea! Really good post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I was finding before that I was getting major Sunday blues so I wanted to help others also 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Postivfworld says:

        Yeah, makes so much sense for sure, sunday blues suck so anything to stop them is a plus!

        Liked by 1 person

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