Thank You & Life Update

Hey guys, it seems like it’s been forever since I’ve blogged! So I thought I’d do a general life update post. First though I want to thank you all for your continued support of my blogging & friendships even as I haven’t been able to check in as often for the time being. It really means so much to me! You guys are seriously the best!

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So here goes!

I’ve been trying to enjoy this summer as much as possibly by exploring a lot! We have kayaks and live near countless bodies of water so I find us going on tons of weekend adventures lately. It’s been so hot and humid in upstate NY that finding a water source to swim in has been necessary daily. Also, since we live on the river, we fish a lot (and by fish I mean elliott fishes & I read by the fire). It’s nice having so many beautiful places to go for alone time … it’s one of the reasons we never end up moving out of state no matter how much we think about it lol. I’ve also been trying to be better about seeing friends and family! Between school and work I find myself wanting to be 100% alone on the couch with netflix on days off, but lately we’ve been seeing a lot more of friends and family and honestly it’s been really nice!








School has been getting easier, thankfully! I feel like I’m finally getting to a point where I feel more comfortable taking clients and It’s a lot less anxiety causing! We have a lot of newer students that are out on the floor with us now, so I’m no longer the “newbie” & It’s helped me feel more confident. Don’t get me wrong there are still plenty of days where I’m so lost, but I just fake it till I make it haha. I’ve been taking a lot more cuts and colors so I’m feeling really good about them.
There’s really nothing to talk about here, I’m just waiting till I graduate school so I can leave. I’ve been lucky this summer that my manager has given me a lot of weekends off! But we’re constantly going through employees (currently it’s back to just me and my manager) & I find myself going above and beyond my job requirements. It doesn’t help that all summer my manager has been bringing her children to work… and I’ve been the babysitter. Only a few more months left! I have been getting tons of new samples to try & review though, so that’s exciting!!


Home Life.
Me and Elliott are doing great. He’s been my rock since day one and I am so grateful for him, I honestly can’t imagine having to go through life with anyone else. It’s hard not getting to see each other as much, but like I said, having the weekends off have helped. We’ve totally outgrown our tiny house though & are looking to buy a new one by winter! That’s super fun! I also applied to a community college for business school once I graduate Paul Mitchell!


I fell off the health wagon for a bit a few weeks back but am happy to report I’m doing much better. I haven’t been actively trying to tone or lose weight as I think dieting now might make me crazy given all thats on my plate (hehe) but I haven’t gained any weight. I have been making it to the gym 2-4 times a week.. which I’d like to improve soon. I have also been going more towards a whole foods diet with fruits and veggies, and eggs, cheese, basically everything but carbs. I love this time of year because you can get such great fresh food choices!!



That’s all for now my loves,
Like I said just a quick update!
What have you been up to this summer?!?!?
Xo, Miranda<3


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  1. mmtshali says:

    Hey beautiful ,i really enjoyed your blog post it was so well written ….i just gave your blog a follow looking forward to more

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you sweetie 🙂 I’ll be sure to check yours out too!!


  2. typicalteenager76 says:

    Aw I don’t follow you atm but I’m so glad you’re back!! Great post, it’d mean a lot if you checked out my blog too as I’m so close to 600 followers! Followed you! X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes absolutely! Haha I accidently transferred all of my followers to my other blog & now I’m basically starting over!!


  3. Laraib says:

    I loved this post.
    I’ll love if you will pay a visit to my blog 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks sweetie, no problem!!


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