An Easy Home Refresh

Super quick post to put a bright note on your Friday! I currently have the day off and am using it for some serious self-love R&R. I needed a serious recharge so I’m spending my day with books, my pets, Netflix, coffee, and some Serious pampering.

I’m a huge scent person, as you may already know. I have countless perfumes, lotions, candles, you name it! But I stumbled upon an easy DIY mix for a fresh new scent to accompany my at-home spa day. 

According to the farmers amanac a great use for old lemons is to simply slice them & add them to water. You then put this mixture on the stove top to simmer for an hour or more to cleanse air & add a fresh scent. Kind of like those apple stews you see all over pinterest come fall but this has the added benefit of freshening up your home air. 

Try it now, thank me later!

And happy Friday! 

Xo, Miranda 💕


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