Yearly Goals 

You probably see or hear the phrase “goals” daily. Sometimes its referring to a cute couple, sometimes its a dream home or awesome vacation.  A loose definition of goals would be something you admire and/or wish to attain one day.

Every year on my birthday I look back on what I’ve achieved through the past year, and what I’d like to accomplish before I get another year older. Its great for me because my birthday is in June so basically I can use it as a chance to see if I’m holding up my new years goals & keep me on track. 

Basically, I’ll write out 12 reasonable goals I’d like to accomplish within a year. Then I pick on goal a month to focus on. I write out why I want to achieve the goal & then write down a few steps on how to get there by the end of the month. Again this works because the goals are realistic. Then, as each month passes I carry my new good habits with me from each goal so that by the next year I hopefully look back on a lot of success. 

That being said I thought it would be a good chance to add it to a monthly series on the blog?!  

My Yearly Goals 

  1. Stress less, mediate more
  2. Cut back on alcohol
  3. Improve credit 100 points
  4. Be able to run a 5k straight
  5. Eat clean and whole
  6. Grow my blog
  7. Learn something new
  8. Practice more self love
  9. Get a new car
  10. Attend business school
  11. “Glow” up
  12. Get on the path to buying a house

June’s goal was “stress less, meditate more”. I chose this because between school and work I was getting way too stressed & burned out. I wasn’t taking any time to wind down, and while I don’t have a ton of time right now I do have time to meditate. I love the idea of meditating and practiced it on and off all last year but was never consistent. I would also tell all my friends and family to try it so I figured I should practice what I preach. 

My plan.

  • Meditate daily for at least two minutes each. Try in the morning, at lunch, or at night to make sure I get it in.
  • Get Elliott on board to keep me motivated.
  • Find more “me” time or spend time doing things I enjoy.
  • Continue learning self help
  • Get rid of any toxic influences and people on my life
  • Start transitioning to clean eating. 
  • Only take lunch outside of work.
  • Find a creative outlet at least 2x a week (blogging, writing, drawing, ext)

How it went.

I was able to meditate at least 2 minutes most days, some days I even got up to 5 minutes a time or 2x a day!! I also found taking lunch outside of work a huge help because I was able to relax and unwind without customers or coworkers around. I was also surprises to find how much of a stress reliever “doodling” could be lol. I didn’t do as great a job with clean eating but I have that as a goal for later on so were getting there haha 

How I feel.

So much better. I specifically notice that I’m much less snappy and that’s great. Overall a success! And I was able to get Elliott on board too!!
Julys goal is “Dry July”. Do you guys have any suggestions on keeping a whole month dry?! Were not heavy drinkers but I think well need a little creative thinking for this one!
What are your goals this year?
That’s all for now my loves,

Xo Miranda 


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  1. I’ve nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award! Check it out on my page (latest post).
    Mena |

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    1. Awe thank you sweetie! I can’t wait to check it out!!

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