Sunday Fun day 

Hey everyone happy father’s day! I hope you all have a great day 🙂 As of right now my computers acting up! & I leave for work soon, so unfortunately I won’t be able to add any links today. But I did want to stop in and wish everyone a lovely day! 

This week I made delicious sheet veggies. The best ones yet! I love that its all one pot, minimal effort, and super nutritious. The key is to chop all veggies to be the same size & put your over super high (I never did this before and it makes a huge difference). Aim for 400-425 degrees, for 15 minutes or so. Also use only a bit of oil as veggies release their own water to prevent sticking. Just spray your pan with cooking spray first.

I finally got this book in the mail and am so excited to read it. Its a self help book that helps you focus less on other people, and more on yourself.

& also life update. My two best friends had their little girls this week 😍 they are adorable! 


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