Healthy You: Allergies Vs. Cold

My newest post Healthy You: Allergies Vs Colds is live on my new site !! Please go show it some love 🙂 
& don’t forget to follow!!
Xo, Miranda. 


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  1. Hi Miranda I was trying to come and and the beauty Byer site but it only allowed likes

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  2. Comment instead of come in first comment!

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    1. I’ll try and fix it ASAP! I’m having the WORST computer problems with all of this!


      1. No panic Miranda!! I just wanted you to know. The New blog looks amazing, huggs Dear, Terriđź’–đź’–

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      2. Awe thank you dear I’m so glad you like it! I also gave it another go and think I figured out the comments! and hopefully soon everyting else will transfer over. I’ve had a terrible head cold this week and trying to figure it all out with a “fuzzy mind” has been hard! But we’re almost there

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