Meditaion 101

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Sunday Funday

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New Post

Hey guys, I finally got around to do my review of Charlotte on my new site go check it out!

Crushing on: May beauty

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Sunday Funday

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Healthy You: Allergies Vs. Cold

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Crushing On: Spring Fashion

This time of year is seriously my favorite y’all. I just love the mix of bright colors, airy fabrics, and lots & lots of florals! Seriously though, spring might be my favorite season for clothes (and shopping, hehe). Here’s a list of things I’m seriously crushing on. An interesting Floral. I like this one because you…

To All My Tech-Savvy Ladies & Gents

I’m asking a favor my loves. While I’ve hosted this blog about 3 years now, I am actually quitteeee tech illiterate. WordPress makes things so easy usually it isn’t a problem at all. Until now. It’s come to my attention a few times now that someone else has taken my blog name. And made it…

Happy Sunday

No Sunday Funday for me today because I’m on a family vacation in Charlotte North Carolina. I hope you’re all having wonderful weekends. I will post an update soon! Also just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of my wonderful followers and friends on this blog❤ you are all SO sweet and I’m lucky…