Sunday Funday

Happy happy Sunday! I’ve been so busy lately, I swear I’ll get back to my regular posting schedule soon.

Friday I spent all day running errands and running around.. I was seriously out all day! I managed to pick up a pizza from the Fresh Market & nachos supplies. Yum! We finished off with a movie night.

Saturday afternoon was one of my best friends baby shower. I was stressing it a bit as we don’t have a ton of mutual friends but I did have a really good time and it was beautiful. Thankfully an old friend from college was there too. Saturday night we met Elliotts dad & sister out for drinks. She was visiting from North Carolina so it was nice to see her.

Today looks like a beautiful day so we’ll be outside a lot! I also wanted to stop by the gym!!

So what have you been up to? How was your weekend?

Strawberry cupcake from the shower

Snuggle time with my boys

Our walk along the water last week

My favorite dress for special occasions 

Here are my favorite links from around the week:


BeFunky Collage

  1. This DIY Coconut rose sugar scrub 2. Your next party idea: Water balloon trampoline jumping 3. 7 Questions to ask yourself when cleaning out your closet 4. Benefits of working out first thing in the morning 5. This Rainbow grilled cheese 6. Sunscreen ingredients to Avoid 7. How to get Even eyeliner every time 8. How to turn your Home into a self care haven 9. These Cheesy chipotle chicken quesadillas.


That’s all for now my loves,
Xo, Miranda<3


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi Miranda, I know them days where you are out and about all day, going from store to store line to line, and you are exhausted when you get home! The pizza and movie was good to finish off with I bet. I know its hard when you go to a shower and don’t know many , but usually when you get chatting you become relaxed a bit more around new people. I am sure it was nice to see Elliott’s Sister , pity she lives so far away, I am sure she would be a great friend for you to hang out with on a regular basis. We have another busy weekend, WE did kid activities yesterday and also spring cleaned the garage. It was a mess Miranda. Today Dana has softball , first day on a travel team , she is excited but was worried she wouldn’t hit the ball. Sunday goes in so fast and you know what comes next! I love 2, 3 wish 4 could happen!! 5 a must try! 7 . I will follow up on 8 and 9 I will check out too. I know I don’t say it but thank you for taking the time to share t your links from the web , they are appreciated. How awesome is the floral dessert! the cat and dog look so comfy together, love the scenery along the river, and lastly LOOk at you! I love your polka dot dress and you look georgous too! Have a great day my Friend, Hugs, Terri xoxo.

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    1. Awe thank you, I enjoy posting some fun links and I’m very glad you.enjoy them! Yes Friday was one of those days where after all the errands you’re exhausted lol & I’m glad we get to see Elliott’s sister a decent amount as she is able to travel and work from home! Nothing like a good spring cleaning ? I bet the garage looks great! And its so fun that Dana is on a traveling team, I was and always had so much fun! I hope she hits one out the park! And if not shell still have fun 🙂


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