Sunday Funday: Happy Easter

Hello my loves! Happy Easter Sunday 🙂 I hope you’re all having lovely days and lovely weekends. I’ve been off this whole weekend and the weather has been perfect here in NY. Clear skies & sunshine. 

We’ve done a lot of around the home work this weekend… Lots of spring cleaning. Last night we went out with friends to my favorite local brewery. They have an eclectic mix of people, play a variety of music, always have a few good sports games on, and the food is the best bar/pub food to exist. We always get the nachos with beer cheese (I should’ve gotten a picture they’re giant) and a Mac & Cheese Cheeseburger. Omg.

I’m blogging via mobile phone as my laptop is NOT working so I can’t post any links today but I’ll include some photos from my week/weekend as an update. If you haven’t already follow my Snapchat/Instagram/twitter and I’ll follow you back. The handle is miranda3lyn for all. 

This is my new spiritual guide book. I read it at work because as you all know I’m over that place. I like to take notes as I go. It kind of goes over all different types of hollistic/spiritual ideas and rates how effective the author deems it to be. A worthy read for beginners.

This is the updo I did at school Monday. She has very short hair currently so I had to get creative. School is fun but hard & still gives me a bit of anxiety but its worth it. Ive got about 7 months left! Leaving Elliott 4 nights a week is the hardest part but weekends like this off help a lot. I plan to go back to college next year as in NY gov Cuomo signed the first bill to allow families under 100k a year to go for free. This is seriously the best news as I love learning! 

My favorite new flavor of La Croix: pineapple strawberry. So good! I love that they only use natural flavors in this bubbly.

Our new favorite popcorn trick. Its going to sound crazy. We put old bay seasoning and steak seasoning on it! It creates the perfect smokey sweet salty popcorn. I’m addicted.

Sometimes you just have to sit in the sun with natural hair & no makeup. & of course selfie.

I just loovveeee eating healthy & have seriously fallen off track lately. When I put bad food in my body I feel it instantly. It zaps my energy, kills my mood, and increases feelings of anxiety. 

Last night I was clearly hangry. Lol I hate waiting to leave. 

Our brunch. I cut up & sauteed potato, onion and pepper, and ham. Then we put a fried egg on top.

And that’s about all for now.

Xo, Miranda 💕


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  1. So gorgeous love 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe thank you sweetie 💕💕


  2. Hi Miranda. I hope you had a fabulous Easter Sunday. I’m glad you got the weekend off, you deserve it Girl! I love going to a local brewery too, it is a fun treat. I love the updo , now I need to make an appointment with you!It’s good you get to go back to school. I got to try the popcorn trick. I love your selfies, you look georgous , oh to be your age again! ! Love the brunch meal too. Have a great week Dear, hugs, Terri.💗

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    1. Awe thank you for all of the kind words my love! You’re the sweetest 🙂 sorry for the delayed response, I’m having computer problems as of lately hahah


      1. Your Welcome Dear, Have a nice weekend , I hope your computer issues clear up, huggs Terri 💖

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you! You too!! So far they seem to have been resolved so well see 😉 cross your fingers


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