Sunday Funday

Hey guys, happy Sunday! It’s been beautiful weather this weekend (so of course I work). Yesterday I had a nice long run and workout in the sun and Elliott went fly fishing in Connecticut with his father. When I got home he had gotten me the most beautiful & delicious pumpkin tarte. I’m a pumpkin gal no matter what time of year.

I love running in This Columbia jacket. It’s light enough that I can move easily in it but protects me from the rain!

The gallette Elliott brought me!

It’s all about the balance!
I also had a mini-crisis when I was invited on a job interview for a position I didn’t really want. Sometimes I’m just so desperate to find a new job before all of my co-workers leave that I’m willing to take anything. Then I have to do some major back peddling. Friends keep telling me I only have to make it 8 more months before I graduate school and move north. Ugh.

Other than that today after I am free from work (I work 12-4) we’re going to go for a long relaxing bike ride. There’s nothing that zen’s me out more than being in nature.. and I’m trying to be more zen lol. Then we’re going to come home & have a beer on the back deck & cook a nice dinner. 🙂

How was your weekend? I hope the weathers nice near you!

Here are my favorite links from around the web this week.

BeFunky Collage

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That’s all for now my loves
Have a great day!
Xo, Miranda<3


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Of course you had to work Miranda ! Feeling bad for you. The pumpkin tarted looks so yummy. What a sweetheart he is! I hope your 8 months go fast , And you can get away from a bad situation. A bike ride sounds so nice getting into nature. The cold beer must have tasted awesome after that🍺. Our weekend was , karate and Wendy’s Friday night. Then the zoo and farm babies saturday. So cute! Sunday was palm Sunday church, and mostly relaxing. I lost touch for a few days , I must have hit un follow button ( how could I do such a thing ) . I looked you up and found someone else with Pinot and peep toes account!! I will forward address. Then I did find you and followed again. Take care Miranda, hugs, Terri.💗


    1. Haha yes but I have this weekend off so I’m okay with it as it’s supposed to be equally as beautiful!!! After the long bike ride the beer was well deserved! haha your weekend sounds lovely. So cute that the kids do karate & who doesn’t love the zoo?! & a relaxing day at church is great too. Don’t worry about the unfollow haha I’ve done it on accident before too! and I saw the other site a few months ago.. of course Elliott told me! It kind of sucks but also I am eventually going to change my blog name to a .com and a different name… but it’s a secret for now 😉


      1. Tell me , please!!! Haha , hugs Terri xoxo


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