Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday guys! I really don’t have much to report besides having a low key relaxing weekend. I worked open to close yesterday and today (though todays only 4 hours) but this upcoming work week is easy so I can’t complain. Honestly I hate my job, and can’t wait until I can leave but the timing isn’t right so I’m just getting by. It is hard though when you genuinely dislike everything about your job. Even on my days off I’m bothered by the ongoing dramas they have. Thankfully I’m never the topic of discussion but nevertheless the texts just keep coming. I’m just more relaxed & try to keep positive vibes and between the negative bs and the terrible terrible customers (I mean I’ve never had such customers) it’s hard to stay positive.

Anyway, mini drama aside.. How was your weekend?

Here are my favorite links from around the web this week.

BeFunky Collage


  1. How to make your Manicure outlast your pedicure 2. The Ginger Rogers cocktail 3. Geode hair is the trend you’ll see everywhere 4. Styles to help Change your look 5. Cute and Creative family easter baskets 6. DIY Concrete planters 7. Why you should Stop trying to have it all 8. How to improve your Finances in 30 days 9. Southwest chicken foil bowls



Once again sorry for being such a debbie downer today! I truly hope you all have great days<3


Xo, Miranda.


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  1. Hi Miranda, how is Monday going for you? I feel bad that you are in a job that you don’t like, that you are around such negativity for someone like you who exudes positivity. I hope it gets a little bit better. We had another busy weekend with kids activities our daughter was in the play again this weekend and it was Liam’s birthday on Saturday he turned four. I coordinated the coffee and donuts for church yesterday that was busy up until 1 p.m. I spent the afternoon relaxing some. Here is some extra virtual hugs for you this week Dear, 💓 Terri.

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    1. awe well thank you dear. The job may not change because the people surely will not but I will be more positive there until I leave! How has your daughters plays been going? Is she having fun? It does sound like you’ve had a busy weekend! And happy belated 4th birthday Liam! Thanks for the extra hugs I needed them ahah<3 xo


      1. Being positive is the only way to go as best as possible Miranda. The play is over after 12 performances in 3 weekends, and a lot of play practice. She really likes it though. Have a great rest of your week, hugs Terri.💗

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      2. Well great Im glad she had fun! And thank you I’m trying!!


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