Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday my beautiful people 🙂 I’m in a surprisingly good mood today considering I work. It was a loonnnngggg weeek… anyone else feel it? I’m blaming the full moon and the fact that it is once again freezing here in NY. We’re even expecting up to 2.5 ft of snow Tuesday! But I swear, after that it WILL be spring haha.

So like I mentioned I worked this weekend but yesterday was with my coworker who I’ve been friends with for years now, so it was fun because it was more catching up than work. Today unfortunately is our quarterly sale so I’m expecting it to be super busy, but at least the day will FLY by.

Elliott worked this weekend too so we planned a cozy movie night in. We are both worked until 4 so when we got home we went to the gym for a couples workout. Then we stopped at the store and picked up popcorn, candy, and lasagna as a cheat meal (we usually never have candy or snacks in the house). And here’s the fun part: the movie we picked out was Secret Life Of Pets.. you know, the cartoon. But it was ADORABLE and we watched it with our pets. Funnily enough our neighbor who we’re friends with also stopped by to bring us some jello shots (?) so we set up tons of pillows and blankets and watched the movie on the floor with our jello shots & pets. Is this adulting?

Anyway, how was your weekend? I know a lot of St. Patty’s celebrations were going on.  Did you do anything fun? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Here are my favorite links from around the web this week.
BeFunky Collage

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That’s all for now my loves,
Have a great day<3
Xo, Miranda.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi Miranda, I am happy that you are in such a good mood! No stress anywhere! Ooh I would not like to get 2 and a half feet of snow. It is good you get to work with your friend. Has the drama calmed down any, where you are in the middle of it? It’s good you and Elliott got to unwind and the movie, so cute! Weekend busy bringing kids to activities and our 3rd celebrating his 4th birthday, St Paddy day celebration next weekend ( I am 100pc Irish with the accent I have to call it Paddy’s day) Enjoy your weekend Dear, huggs Terri 💖

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    1. Haha well happy 4th birthday! And happy paddy’s day! I’m secretely hoping we get all of the snow so that school gets canceled haha! The movie was so cute I bet your family would love it! Work drama is OK. I’m with two pregnant girls and a boss with tons of family drama! So its the best it can be right now haha! Xo


      1. Haha, I hope you will be OK with it all. Are you having any thoughts when you see the pregnant ladies…. I am being mischievous right now hehe , huggs, Terri xoxo.

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      2. Hahhaha the pregnant ladies are scaring me from children for a bit lol maybe once were married though 😉 ya never know


      3. Hehe, I was having a bit of fun , ❤, Terri xoxo

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  2. Mackenzie says:

    I always love looking at your Sunday Fundays!! So much good stuff here! And girl- that’s sooo much snow. Stay warm!!! I am obsessed that you guys had jello shots while watching Secret Life of Pets- that’s hilarious. Hope you are having a good week, dear ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahah awe thanks sweetie! Yes it was just SO much snow but I got to not go to school or work so it was Great! I also highly recommend the combination of jello shots and secret life of pets;) haha

      Liked by 1 person

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