Sunday Funday

Another week has come and gone! I can’t believe it’s already Sunday, le Sigh. I have to admit I can’t wait until this upcoming week is over :/ Honestly I’m very nervous/anxious… and the stress load hasn’t been great for me. Next week we take our first real paying clients, last week we just shadowed and took one family member. I did my mother’s color and it came out awesome, but I didn’t do any cuts and since we only practiced those once, that’s what I’m nervous about. I can literally only move forward so that’s what I’m going to do.

This weekend went by quickly. I had saturday off and Elliott actually worked until 4 so I relaxed, worked out, practiced haircuts, and read. Saturday night we went to dinner with Elly’s mom… she’s moving south this Thursday. We went to our favorite neighborhood Italian restaurant which was delicious. Today is gym, vintage market to try to find a bar cart to restore, and possibly snow shoeing… with the weather as nice as it is today I just can’t wait for spring! Warm days outside, planting my garden, getting able to go for long runs outdoors, getting into a comfortable groove at work, longer days.. I’m drooling!


How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

Here are my favorite links from around the web this week.


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That’s all for now my loves,
Xo Miranda<3


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  1. Hi Miranda, I’m late saying hello this week!Best wishes with your new clients Miranda, I know you are nervous but when the time comes you will be fine. I am confident in you! If your mother loowed good I know a lot of other ladies will too. I love the pics and look how pretty you look💗 I love your necklace too. We took the kids to Rochester to a children’s museum and bouncy world . They had a blast and we’re sleepy last night. Best wishes Dear, hugs , Terri.❤

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    1. Awee thank you sweetie 😘 your weekend sounds like a blast! I bet you all had so much fun! The necklace was a gift from a classmate I’m glad you like it 🙂

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