Sunday Fundays

Happy happy Sunday fam! What did you do this weekend? I haven’t done much but read and watch crappy reality tv & eat. I did get a workout in on Friday and Saturday, today me and Elliott plan to go to the gym after work. I did work this weekend so I couldn’t really make any plans but it’s okay!

I picked up this book at Target on Friday, super excited. Plus that kombucha ūüėć

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Yesterday I got my order in from Amazon. Elliott ordered new protein powder & meal prep containers, because we’re basic bitches. I got in my new book The Soul Searchers Handbook. I’m so excited.. I’ll probably do a book review here if you’re all interested. I’m excited to meal prep tonight after work/the gym. It’s fun to do with Elliott especially since he’s such a great cook. Last night he made mediterranean olive & artichoke stuffed chicken topped with mozzarella and sauteed cherry tomatoes. Yum!

I also just wanted to take the time to bring up something that I think is really important given all of the craziness going on lately. Always remember in a time like this that we’re all human and all have feelings. Act out of a place of love, not fear, not hate. Remember that others may not be acting from a place of fear or sadness and don’t let them bring you down, in fact, match their negativity with positivity. You never know what someone else is going through. Don’t take things personally, work on YOU, be happy, and treat others with kindness. That’s all.


Here are my favorite links from around the web this week:


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That’s all for now,
Xo Miranda<3


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  1. Hi My Dear , this weekend was mostly spent at home, which was ok with me. The kids were sick during the week so We both decided that we should take it easy with kids and have them ready for daycare and school Monday! Sorry you had to work Miranda, but you will be off next weekend? I love the book title , and it seems its a wonderful confidence booster. I am glad you got a nice meal prepared by Elliott, , He needs to come over and give lessons to mine! You are so right about all the events going on. Love should conquer all, I too have a positive outlook , and always see light instead of darkness. I love your positivity , never lose it Miranda , Big hugs, Terri.

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    1. Thanks dear, sorry to hear the kids were sick! Good to have some R&R for everyone then! Thank goodness I’ll have next weekend off so I’ll just have to push through this week! Elliotts a great cook and I really appreciate how he tries… I’ll have him get some guy approved recipes over to you and your guy;) it’s so hard for people to see the other side of things sometimes so I try to he as positive as possible when people are acting so hateful towards each other!! Take care xo

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  2. ciarralorren says:

    Hi love! Told you I’d return the favor! I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award ūüôā Check it out!

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    1. Awe you’re the best!!!! THANK YOU‚̧‚̧

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  3. I just started reading You Are A Badass! It’s… interesting so far… but overall I think I like it- it’s making me think about a lot of things!

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    1. Really? I picked it up at the store bc I see it everywhere and it was just calling my name lol but I haven’t read it yet lol


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