Book Club:What I’m Crushing On

Hey guys, welcome to a new segment I’m adding called “Book Club”. I am such a book nerd, I really believe you can learn a lot from reading (obv) but it also helps to get lost for a bit, de-stress, and boost creativity.

Now I’ll read anything at all, but my favorites generally turn towards fiction thrillers. Nonetheless, this list has a little bit of everything that I have my eye on from 2016-2017 releases. No doubt some of these will be or have been talked about a lot and some will become movies, so get them before they’re played out!

Here are the books I’m crushing on right now!


  1. The Most Dangerous Place On Earth by Lindsey Lee Johnson.
    These characters seem like typical teenagers, but beneath the surface is a dark incident that makes this chilling portrait of growing up in the digital age a great read for all.


  2. Everything You Want Me To Be by Mindy Mejia
    The investigation of the brutal murder of a popular high school student proves that people show the parts of their lives they want to have seen.


  3. Fever Dream by Samanta Schweblin.
    A small town is probably being poisoned by its water supply but the absence of conventional medicine means the residents are relying on something more sinister for a cure. Then vacationers enter the picture….


  4. The River At Night by Erica Ferencik
    A girls’ trip to the middle-of-nowhere Maine goes wrong when one friend has an insatiable attraction to danger.


  5. Carve The Mark by Veronica Roth
    From the writer of the Divergent series comes this novel about unlikely allies in a galaxy ruled by dictators.

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