Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday ladies & ‘gents.  Guess who had the weekend off?!?! THIS GIRL. Well, mostly. I had Friday & Saturday off.. I actually work today because it’s a sale day but only a 4 hour shift. Boy did I need a weekend off to relax. I’ve done nothing socially but got a lot of errands done.

Thursday was Elliotts birthday and thankfully my last day of school/work for the week. Get this: HE bought ME flowers with a little note saying all he needed for his birthday was me. I don’t know what I would do without his beautiful soul ❤

Friday I got up early and put in a 20 minute run at the gym, followed by some elliptical and weight training. Then I headed over to Michael’s for school supplies & some beads for the lanyards I plan to make for my classmates. Lastly, I went to Kohls to get Elliott’s remaining Christmas presents, picked up a delicious salad from a local deli, had a spa day at home, and finished up by making Lasagna & some well-deserved red wine.

Saturday we headed to the local flea market to pick up some new fun picks for the Etsy shop we’re going to set up soon. We aim to refurbish old furniture & home decor. I’ll keep you all posted on the details. Then we went to see a hockey game for our city’s team. It was so fun!

I hope you are all having great weekends!?!

Here are my favorite links from around the web this week:



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That’s all for now loves,
Xo, Miranda<3



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  1. Awww getting flowers on his bday is so sweet :)) have a happy sunday!

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    1. Thank you it was such a surprise!! Have a great Sunday:)

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  2. Hi Miranda , I didn’t get to comment yesterday It was kinda crazy! I was the coordinator for coffee and donuts at our Church yesterday. there are 2 masses(services) 8am and 10.30. I get to the grocery store at 7am to pick up donuts , milk, chocolate milk and OJ. I go to the social hall at church then, get donuts into kitchen , start the coffee , then get hall and tables ready for the people. I had help from one of the church Ladies so that was nice! We put out sugar and creamer on tables, get the serving tables out for coffee juices , milk , get all the disposable cups ready , then go and put donuts on trays( using disposable gloves!)there are a lot of colorful donuts that the bakery makes for the holidays, We try and display them so they look cute. Then at 9am the first people come in after Mass. yesterday there were only 20 or so , I will finish later

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  3. So from My above comment there is a bit of prep that goes into coffee and donuts , but I do love it! When you are serving you get to know the people and their kids a little better. All in all after clean up it is 1pm. I am so happy you had weekend off. Even though you had 4 hours on Sunday I hope it went fast. And oh my gosh what a sweetie Elliott is! To buy you flowers on his birthday is such a beautiful idea by him, And that all he wants for his birthday is you is so awesome! Friday was a nice day of exercise and errands, I bet you got a lot of exercise just doing the errands. And to finish off with some wine, well its always good to have time for wine! Big hugs Miranda, Terri xoxo.

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    1. Awe well that sounds like so much fun! & probably very rewarding too, I bet the kids are so cute!! Yes it was great to have a weekend off! I didn’t know what to do with myself! The errands were a killer workout;) got a lot of Christmas presents! And elliott is literally the sweetest I say it all the time but I don’t know what I’d do without him. He keeps me sane and makes me feel awesome every single day!!


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