Sunday Funday

Happy Happy Sunday everyone! My week has been CRAZY. As you all know I’ve started school at Paul Mitchell and it’s really fun so far. My class is only 4 people since it’s nights so we get a ton of hands on! I absolutely love my classmates too, I can tell already we’ll be great friends, it’s perfect. So far we’ve done pincurls & fingerwaves (yuck!) updos and braids, and learned a little history.

My schedule though has been jam packed. I’ve been working Monday-Thursday 8am to 4pm and then been going straight to school for 5-10 and getting home around 11. I had Friday off, but then of coursssseee still had to work the weekend. Friday night we decorated the tree and Saturday after work we went up to Saratoga for a birthday dinner for Elliott. Thankfully tonight we have zero plans. Elliott has been my saving grace this week though, I am seriously so lucky to have him! Not only has he been so supportive and stayed up every night till I get home but he also cleans and cooks me a lunch for the following day.

How has your week/weekend been so far?


Here are my favorite links from around the web this week

BeFunky Collage.jpg

  1. The schedule for all of your Favorite Christmas movies 2. Festive Decorating tips from Martha Stewart 3. 50 of the best Winter hairstyles 4. French Fry Pizza.. talk about comfort food 5. What Not to wear to a holiday  party 6. Tips for bringing your s/o Home for the holidays 7. How to tell if your Workout will help weight loss 8. Awesome Uses for apple cider vinegar 9. How to create a Cozy bedroom.


That’s all for now loves,
Xo, Miranda<3


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  1. Hi Miranda, I am so glad you have a wonderful group of classmates. It will be great that you now have 3 brand new friends to hang out with in the future. Friendships are so important , many of mine failed because of time commitments on my behalf or theirs:( I feel for you girl, You are so busy , that is a long day. Do the night classes go quick? I am sure the tree looks wonderful , we still have to get ours up, been a busy week here too with work , kids. I am glad you get a free night tonight to just do whatever, you deserve it. And oh my gosh, Elliott seems like such a sweetie! Make sure and grab onto him tight! It is so nice to have someone tot tend to the little things while you are working/at class. We watched a Charlie Brown Christmas on Thursday night , a family tradition. I need to let out My inner Martha! I also el like a change in hairstyle, I will talk to stylist before or after Christmas. I need to see if I can lose pounds in relation to #7, and a cosy bedroom is wonderful when you change it up a bit, also romantically too! Have a great day Miranda, chat soon , Terri xoxo.

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    1. Thank you dear & yes they are great! & we are very busy but the classes DO go by quickly because we have a ton of fun:) don’t stress about the tree we usually don’t get ours up until the 15th… this time of year is too hectic! Haha & I am so thankful for Elliott, he is seriously the best. The Charlie Brown christmas special is such a great tradition, we’ll have to copy that! Also Martha is my favorite! I read her magazine cover to cover every month;) we switch our bedroom around all the time for cozy upgrades, I highly recommend it! Have a good day ❤


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