Sunday Funday

Happy Happy Sunday! I’ve been watching Christmas movies all weekend. What have you been up to? Hahah, Im joking.. Kind of. There were a few Christmas movies but I also had lunch with a girlfriend and dinner with Elliott’s dad. We did a night in for him with movies, low carb beer, and pizza, by his request.

What were you up to this week?

Here are my favorite links from around the web this time.


1. Chocolate chip Cheese ball… way better than the original! 2. The Scientific way to tell if he’s a creep 3. How to stay Stress Free throughout the holidays 4. Signs your new Friendship is meant to last 5. Cleanse Negative energy from your home 6. Healthy Herbs to keep in your kitchen 7. Awkward rooms & how to Fix them 8. Easy ways to become more Stylish 9. Where to get the Best Peppermint Mocha


That’s all for now,
Xo, Miranda<3


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  1. Hi Miranda, good to hear from you, you are my go to girl on Sunday! I always look forward to your updates and adventures. I am getting to see hallmark right now, “A boyfriend for Christmas ” is on now, Yay! Its nice you got to catch up with your girlfriend, It is always nice to check in before life gets too busy. I am sure it is good to hang out with Elliott’s Dad . We did trick or treating on Monday( I didn’t dress up Miranda, I’m a party pooper I know!) The kids got too much candy as usual and then it was a job to get them to bed for school and daycare next day, but we managed it pretty good. The rest of the week was work then yesterday our Oran celebrated his 7th birthday! We had a party with friends and family. We will see them all again on thanksgiving. Today is a lazy day, I want a little Me time if that is not too selfish! I like 2,3 4, 8, and 9 best. I want to work on 8 more! Have a great day Miranda, Hugs , Terri xoxo


    1. Awe thanks my dear, I love to hear from you too! These hallmark Christmas movies are great Haha I don’t know if I’ve seen a boyfriend for Christmas yet so I’ll have to check it out. Happy belated birthday to oran it sounds like a good family celebration 🙂 Halloween sounds hard on the parents hahah all of that candy!!


      1. Thank you for the kind words Miranda! Love hallmark for sure.The birthday party was wonderful , he was so happy. Halloween is nice seeing all the kids in costume and the excitement on their faces. It is all ahead of you Dear ☺

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      2. Awe yes it sounds amazing! Children are a few years away but I’m so excited to experience all of the family moments & holidays/birthdays, ect!!


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