Sunday Funday

Happy Halloween Sunday Y’all. I hope you’re all having a (safe) blast this weekend. What did you dress up as? What did you do? Let me live vicariously through you because I didn’t dress up or go out at all. See, Sunday is my Thursday because I’ve been working every weekend and therefore have Tues & Wed off.

So yes, I worked yesterday, then met back home with Elly & his dad to catch the crazy Texas football game and have dinner. We just purchased our first furniture flip (a beautiful hard wood chest) and spent the remaining of the night sanding it down… Adulting? Follow me on snapchat to see more behind the scenes.

These are my favorite links from around the web this week.


  1. The 50 most Beautiful places in the world 2. No bake Chocolate Coconut pumpkin bars.. so easy 3. Hair Hacks for air drying 4. Foods that Heal you spiritually 5. Questions every 30 year old should Ask their doctor 6. Beautiful DIY Lavender linen spray 7. The best and Worst words to use on your resume 8. 3 Luxurious habits to add into your daily routine 9.  Healthy Butternut sausage lasagna.


That’s all for now loves,
Xo Miranda<3


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  1. Jessica Kay says:

    Such a creative and fun post xxx
    Ps gonna check out your blog 😉

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    1. Thank you love! I’ll check out yours too 🙂

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      1. Jessica Kay says:


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  2. Hi Miranda, It is so unfair you don’t get a proper weekend. I feel bad for you. It is nice to purchase furniture and then get to work on it with your Beau ! Yes you are adulting Miranda!
    We always have busy weeks and Friday after work we spent some outside time as it was 72 degrees out! Saturday morning we did a 2 mile walk with church to help women that are pregnant with financing if they cant afford items. Saturday night there was a Halloween party ! The kids dressed up, Daugther was unicorn, one son a superhero( don’t ask me which) and other son spiderman. I hope sunday is relaxing before Monday night trick or treating, chat soon Dear, Terri xo

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    1. Thank you! The whole working every weekend is certainly not ideal, but we just hired staff so hopefully that’s coming to an end soon. The furniture is so much fun and something I’ve always wanted to do so I’ll keep you posted on how it comes out. I’m jealous of your weather, 72 sounds so nice!! And wow what a great cause for your walk I bet you guys helped a lot of women, seriously awesome. I bet your daughter looked adorable as a unicorn 🙂 and boys are always some variety of a super hero haha


  3. I didn’t proof read, spelt daughter totally wrong!

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