Sunday Funday

Hey guys! I made it up earlier today so I could post 🙂 I hope you’re having a great weekend! We got ourselves a new kitten on Friday (I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of him if you follow me on snapchat, Twitter, or Instagram) so its been a fun weekend. Last night we just watched a movie & had a fire. Today is soup day. We’re going to make two types of low carb soup: chicken vegetable, & hamburger. I’m excited!

Next week it’s back to low carb diet so today (after work 12-4) is lots of food prep. Since starting my new job I’ve worked A LOT- like 10 days in a row a lot- and it’s messed up my diet/workout schedule a lot. Now that we have a normal schedule its back to runs in the morning, a workout with elliott after work, and eating clean during the day. I’m excited because living an unhealthy lifestyle makes me feel sluggish, sad, and actually sick. It’s funny how eating how I would have two years ago makes me so sick because I have no built up tolerance for crap.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun? Tell me, tell me!!

Here are my favorite links from around the web this week:


1. Slow cooker Pumpkin Apple cider 2. How to use Empathy to resolve guilt 3. Photo Edit: brighten your photos 4. Decorating rules inspired by Coco Chanel 5. Beauty Tips straight from the pros 6. The beauty Supplement guide 7. The new food Trend taking over Instagram 8. The Products everyone  has stopped using 9. Pumpkin beer Pretzels with Chipotle queso.


That’s all for now loves,
Xo, Miranda ❤

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  1. Hi Miranda, I am so excited for you with a new kitten, that will be cute! The soup sounds yummy, I need to start on my recipes too.Eating healthy is so important , so that we don’t fall off the rails by eating bad stuff. I am sorry we have not done any fun stuff this weekend, we just hanging out.We are going to have a fun one next week, My friend and her family are coming to visit (2 sons) so it will be us 6 and her 4 . they come Friday night and stay until sunday. we are planning on going to orchard with kids Saturday that should be fun. Then we will have adult time when kids go to bed, There WILL be wine Miranda! I took the older boys to day of the dozers last week, I am not sure if you seen on my blog. You are after putting 9 cute links on , I don’t know where to start! Big hugs to you, Terri xo

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    1. Hahha he is an adorable little guy! I’ll post pictures soon:) I totally agree it’s very easy to fall off track & that’s why I make small good choices daily Haha sounds like you need to save your energy for the coming weekend!! The orchard will be so fun with the kids… and the wine of course 😉


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