Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday to all of you beautiful people ūüôā My weekend has felt LONG which is so so so great. It was a super long week so a weekend that feels longer than it is is really restoring. Friday I started my new (old) job.. it was oddly similar to when I worked there 3 years which was so strange. I did my evening run in the morning and it completely threw me off all day.. I ended up with a bad headache, canceled plans with our friends & got pizza and ice cream.

Saturday I spent the morning blogging, accompanied by some coffee. Then I had a sushi & starbucks date/girl time with one of my fav gal pals + lots of wedding talk. Later in the night Elly had his dad over for keto chili & the Texas Longhorn’s football game. I’m not a huge foosball fan, but college is exciting to watch. We concluded the night by watching fireworks over the river across the street from my house. One thing this house has going for it is it’s next to a nature preserve with lots of trails and a cliff overlooking the water which is perfect when the village on the other side of the water does their firework show.

Today I want to do something active. It’s feeling like a nice day so we might kayak or bike or maybe even run, now that I can finally run! The house is all clean so we’ll obviously be dragging out all of the fall stuff to decorate. Maybeee even buying more, god I love fall.

How was your weekend????

Here’s a list of my favorite links this week:


  1. ¬†The¬†Truth¬†about bloating 2. Shots from behind the¬†Scenes¬†at NYFW 3. The 7 best¬†Fall¬†vacation destinations 4. The most commonly asked¬†Questions¬†for a job interview 5. Hard apple¬†Cider¬†Sangria, talk about fall 6. Model approved¬†Beauty¬†tips that are free 7. Chocolate¬†Hazelnut¬†Espresso caramel slices … heaven 8. Fall¬†Trends¬†that are officially out of style 9. Meatball and spinach¬†Ravioli¬†bake.. yes


That’s all for now loves,
Xo, Miranda<3


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  1. Sunday sleeping day for me hihihi ;D

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    1. Ahhh sounds so lovely lol enjoy!


  2. Hi Miranda, Its good to get started at your job again, nice to get one day in and then its the weekend! Sorry for you getting headache:( Glad you had fun watching football, I guess its part a little part of your future, And fireworks are so fun to watch good to get them long after July 4! It will be good to get out into nature, I so love fall too. We didn’t do too much, kid events, and I got a haircut. We took down our pool for the year, A 14ft diameter by 4ft tall. but just taking it easy after church today, take care Miranda, huggs, Terri.

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    1. Yes Haha it really was great starting on a Friday for that exact reason lol and yes were very lucky the town has fireworks here for every occasion Haha. I’m jealous you got a haircut! It’s been like 4 years since I’ve had one (oops) I hope you like it! Sounds like a great weekend! Lucky to have such nice weather still so the kids can still use the pool!!

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