Beauty Wish List: August

So this is cool, I’m publishing this post in the beginning of the month instead of halfway through! Which makes me early? On time? Oh, it doesn’t matter!

It’s new month which means a new chance to try and buy all new beauty products. Especially since August is all about balancing super hot summer days with more crisp fall days. I love August: there’s still plenty of time for last minute vacations (might I suggest a road trip?), super fresh end of season veggies & fruit, and just soaking up all that end of summer slow laziness. YES.

Here are my favorite August products!

BeFunky Collage


  1. Channel your inner Beyonce with This shampoo (created by the same woman who works on queen Bey), $26.  2. Turn your frizz into the beach waves of your dreams with This perfect lightweight volumizing mousse (it’s pronounced “way” btw), $28. 3.  These amazing salacylic acid spot treatment spots seal medicine in overnight without drying skin, $30. 4. This serum promises the maximum wrinkle-fighting results thanks to its high concentration of retinol (so patch test before using).. to combat all that summer sun damage, $21.99 5. This moisturizing lotion that also blurs imperfections so you can skip the primer, $29. 6. Created by makeup pro Fiona Stiles This loose setting powder is flawless (really, it is), $26. 7. This waterproof eyeliner that actually lasts… and comes in a variety of shades, $24. 8. This creamy, full-pigment, lipgloss that dries matte but absolutely not drying/flaky… NEED, $8.99 9. This Tocca perfume sampler set… I currently own Simone and am in loveeee, $15.


That’s all for now loves
Xo, Miranda<3


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  1. Nice post… I also wanna try the clinique pep-start products, have you seen my latest post yet

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    1. Haha yes me too the whole line looks amazing !

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