Sunday Funday

It’s already Sunday-Agh! I worked yesterday till 1 and stayed in, watched Magic Mike XXL, went to bed early. Nothing big, was kinda sick (as I mentioned in my last post). Today I’m relaxing while Elliott cleans the house so that later his dad can come over and we’ll all cook dinner together 🙂

Here are my favorite links from around the web this week:



  1. Ten beauty habits you should Break 2. beautiful & romantic DIY Floral bath salts 3. Delicious crockpot Cashew chicken 4.the most Photogenic clothes you should own 5. decadent S’mores meringue crumbles with blood orange 6. Italian Paloma cocktails 7. tried & true: the best Chemical exfoliates .. bye bye scrubs! 8. 21 inspiring Girl’s Quotes to get you through anything!

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  1. Omg I can’t wait for the new season of Girls to start!! I’m so sad it’s ending :(((

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    1. I know it’s like a whole chapter of my life is ending 😦 at least we’ll have the quotes?!? Haha

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      1. It’s not enough!! Hahahah I don’t know what else to watch after :/

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      2. Hahha reruns!! Forever!


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