Sunday Funday

Another week has come and gone… and we’re THIS CLOSE to Christmas. I hope you’re all set and have all your presents wrapped and holiday plans galore. I especially hope this for you because I have not gotten anything in order yet… Oops! But I’m always a holiday slacker. Elliott is too.. we usually do a lot on last-minute-impulse, we love the rush! Haha.

My weekend was very nice and relaxing, Friday night was a movie night & Saturday I met with an old friend from work and got to catch up. I loveee catching up! The rest was just all relaxing. My favorite!

How about you?? All set for the upcoming holidays? Got any plans? I’d love to hear all about them!!

Anywho, here are my favorite links from around the web this week:


 1.Sage-Crusted Roast wonderful for the holidays, 2. sparkiling Neutral home decor, the perfect mix of classic and modern 3. Adorable printable Emoji wrapping paper 4. every girl’s dream Engagement Ring slideshow 5. Adult Peanut Butter & Jelly ideas you’ll be dying to try 6. DIY lemon preservation gift idea 7. Festive holiday Moscow Mule with peppermint and pomegranate 8. Yoga Lingo to kickstart your new year’s resolution 9. Cocktail Party Math so you’ll be totally prepared for every party.

Now back to Christmas movie marathon,
Xo Miranda<3


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