Gift Inspiration

Holidays got you stressed out? Trying to find a gift can get tricky. There’s the ones you know and love and want to make smile, the acquaintances you want to impress, and then those you may not really know but need to buy for (your new boyfriends great grandmother?) To avoid giving out socks this year I’ve compiled a few websites to help select THE best gift for anyone your life. Seriously, there’s something for everyone here!

Cloud 9 Living is an amazing site for the adventure junky in your life. You select your state and shop for experiences like “a ride in a race car” or “beer tasting on a river boat” … This site is a gold mine!
Uncommon Goods is a website that stocks just about everything home goods related. You can pick anything  from bar cart accessories, Art Deco pieces, kitchen goods… The list goes on and on. Everything looks perfect and finished on this site and you can find such unique things (perfect for the wow factor). I could spend hours on this site.
Amazing Clubs combining everyone’s favorite things: home delivery and food! Seriously who doesn’t love coming home to a surprise after a long day at work? Chose from classic “fruit of the month” “cheese of the month” to the more eccentric “bacon of the month” ect. Then select how frequently to schedule the delivery. Easy!
Love Book for that special someone in your life. Here for around 40$ you can make your own customized love book. So sweet!
Think Geek this site has everything for the loveable nerd in your life. From tech products, and games, to toys and action figures there’s something for every geek here!
Destination Dinners for the foodie! You can purchase meal boxes with fresh ingredients to create your own cuisine from around the world! What’s great about this site is that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get a decent box here.
Magazine Line this ones easy and people love it! Elliott’s sister gets me one or two subscriptions to a magazine each year and it’s amazing! 
Brookstone for the adult in your life. This site has great and unique gift ideas that can be appreciated by all persons, and lean a little more on the professional (read:safe) side for the natural friend. This site has natural beautiful products like soaps and skincare. You can also find awesome clothing, accessories, and food here!
All for now guys! Have a lovely day and happy shopping!

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