Sunday Funday/ California

Greetings from Cali everyone! It is currently 70 degrees & sunny and just beautiful. I’ve been here since Tuesday so I’m sorry for the lack of updates, I plan to do a big post on my trip when I get back to NY. For now: a quick post!

I hope everyone had lovely Thanksgivings & lots of delicious food:)

Here are my favorite links from around the web

1.Ten trendy ideas for Christmas this year 2. From the Breakfast Gods: waffle monte crisco 3.DIY brass & suede garland 4. Three Tips for growing your hair out 5. Cyber Monday tricks you’ll want to use this year 6. Edible Jar Gifts you’ll want to share with everyone 7. The Correct order to apply skincare products 8. Cranberry Punch… just in time for the holidays!


Thats all for now loves, enjoy your day<3
Xo, Miranda.


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