Fall Fashion: Trending Coats

It is officially that time of year again…. where exactly did the time go? It’s already frosting & freezing here in upstate New York & I’ve once again pulled out my fall/winter sweaters and coats, started drinking hot cocoa around the clock, and entered full-on-hibernation mode. Check out my Pinterest and you’ll see I’m fully pinning fall & winter everything (hehe).

It’s always a good time to pick up a few colder weather staples so I figured I’d do a quick post on my favorite coats and jackets trending this fall.

Here are my 2015/2016 picks!

  1. Faux fur. Go full-on-glamour with this warm look. A faux fur coat can make even simple jeans and booties look dressed up or can make a more delicate look appear edgy. So transformative!
    My Picks. Go edgy with Kristen Blake or more Femme with Calvin Klein
  2. Pastel. So girly and unexpected! Make a statement in sea-foam, lavender, or rosy pink outerwear this season. I know I will be.
    Streetlight Soiree Light Pink Coat at Lulus.com!
    My Picks: Whether you go Pink or Mint you’ll be sure to make a statement this winter.
  3. Military. This one’s got some edge! It’s non-stuffy and open really shows off personal style. Chose a jacket with either leather, army green, or shearling.. better yet, chose one with all!

    My Picks: You can’t go wrong with Army Green  or Leather. Now go kick some ass!

What do you think? Anything you’d like to try this year for a new winter jacket?


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  1. SashaKrim says:

    I loved the first faux fur jacket! And the pink coat!!! So Carrie Bradshaw!💕

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    1. Haha you’re so right with Carrie I never thought of that but I love her lol

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      1. SashaKrim says:

        Love her too!😃😝

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  2. I agree with Sasha. I would love to see my wife in the pink coat. Would that kind of coat look well on a petite woman?

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    1. The biggest factor in picking a coat for a petite woman is not to overwhelm her which can be easy. For instance i wouldn’t recommend a long and bulky puffer. Great options are fitted peacoats and coats that hit anywhere from waist to mid thigh. For this seson pastel and bold colors would be perfect for her or an edgy light bomber jacket in army green that is fitted in the waist or can be belted (accentuating the waist is a great tip for making a petite woman to avoid being swallowed up by her outerwear). Hope i was able to help!!

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      1. Thanks. I figured a long coat wouldn’t be a good fit. So, by using a shorter coat like a peacoat or a knee length coat you are adding layers, giving the appearance of being taller? Thanks so much. It may seem odd, but I am an avid shopper, and purchase 75-80% of my wife clothes. Thanks so much. Love your blog.

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      2. Haha youre welcome, ask any time i love being able to help and know coats/jackets can be tricky! I hope she likes what you pick out that’s very nice of you.

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      3. Oh, peeptoes are my favorite shoes.

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