Sunday Funday

Hello loves, I’ve dug myself out of the grave once again to post (I just hate missing out on Sunday Funday it’s my favorite!). Yesterday I spent all day resting and last minute made plans for drinks and a fire with friends at our house… not the best idea for someone who is sick! Needless to say today I am paying the price!

It’s just such a beautiful Sunday though and we have the windows open, played with the pets outside, and Elliott did lots of yard work/cleaning for me while I relax hahah. Thank god for that man. Later we have a “game night” planned at a friends so lets hope I can pull through!

How are all of you guys? I promise I’ll respond to comments ASAP! & thank you for all the well wishes<3 I hope you’re all having awesome weekends! Anyone have special plans?

Here are a few of my favorite links from around the web this week 🙂

1.Chicken Wing cheat sheet… just in time for football season! 2. Super easy Lazy Girl Hairstyles 3. Toasted Marshmellow Iced Coffee 4. Salted caramel Brioche Donuts… so delicious 5.How to look good Without Makeup 6.. DIY stretch mark creams that work. 7. Delicious Peppermint Eggnog Shots 8. Ideas to  Host the perfect date night 9. Ten Mistakes that new gardeners make.

Anything you love? Have a great holiday weekend!


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  1. Loving the lazy girl hairstyles!

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    1. Haha yes lazy girl hairstyles are the best 🙂


  2. Peppermint eggnog shots….YUMMMMMM
    Daily Opulence |

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    1. Hahaa YES I want to try them ASAP!


  3. This is a delicious list. Feel better!

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    1. Seriously, though. This made me hungry. Lol

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    2. Haha since I’ve been sicky I haven’t been able to taste anything so I’ve been craving such delicious foods!! The result is donuts and chicken wings for my post lol oops!! 🙈🙊 thanks for stopping by love ❤


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