Rainy Day Indulgences


 Happy Tuesday guys, I don’t know about you all but where I live has been constant thunderstorms all day. Given the weather lately, I’m assuming we’re all in the same boat! I personally tend to get a little indulgent in rainy weather. I prefer to be snuggled up with chocolate, wine, netflix/magazines, and spa treatments. Something about cold rainy weather brings out the diva in me!

Heres a few ideas on what to do on a rainy Tuesday night..

1. Pinterest Movie Night. Invite your friends, your boyfriend, or go at it solo. Pick up up to three movies (chick flick and horror are my favorites for a cold night, especially when in black and white).

Munch On:
DIY Movie Night Popcorn Bar - chocolate toppers ideas - familyfreshmeals.com

Try This sweet at-home popcorn bar. Load up fresh air-popped popcorn with chocolates and candies. You can also (for a healthy spin) toppings like honey, apples, peanut butter (in moderation) or cinnamon. My favorites: Mint-Chocolate-Chip, and Pumpkin Popcorn

For savory options try Buffalo-Ranch PopcornDoritos Popcorn, or if you’re daring Sweet Wasabi Popcorn.

Create: Get as elaborate as you’d like or maybe just throw some pillows and blankets on the living room floor. Part of the fun of a movie night is the atmosphere, you want to feel like you’re out at the movies not sitting on the couch so keep the lights dimmed, get cozy, and turn the volume up (unless you have less-than-friendly neighbors who can hear you)
Fun & Inexpensive At-Home Date Night Ideas... some of them are totally free! :)

Or try

Spa Night: Grab your wine, a hot towel, and something good to read and relax!

Munch On:
Candied Grapes from Rachel Schultz

Go for a Greek Goddess vibe with Candied Grapes,

Atmosphere: for a night of relaxation scent your area with a lavender scented candle or mist. Props if you purchase or grow your own, you’ll get the lovely smell along with the looks! (The above picture is from my garden)

Play: Here’s a list of just about every at-home spa treatment that can be made with ingredients you already own!

DIY spa infographic for Dry Skin - bath bombs, salt scrub, sugar scrub, body wash http://bit.ly/1A65NJf

Make your own rosewater

How to Make Rosewater

Petals from a bunch of roses
A Large Pot

Wash the rose petals.
Boil 2 cups of water and pour the hot water over the rose petals. Cover the bowl with a lid and allow the rose petals to steep for 30 minutes (or until the petals lose their color).
Cool and strain the petals out.
Bottle the water and keep in the refrigerator.
Make sure to get roses that have not been sprayed with insecticides…. Use only those that are grown naturally.


Easy 5-minute-fix: experts claim there is no better at-home facial than full fat Greek yogurt on your face for 30 minutes once a week since the lactic acid removes dead skin cells leaving you with a brighter complexion. Easy, cheap, fast … Done!

So tell me, what are your favorite things to do on rainy Tuesdays?


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  1. thattallgirl says:

    OMG I need to remember the popcorn bar…that’s genius!!

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