Flawless Tan


Its very, very rainy and gloomy here in
upstate NY! Unfortunately the forcast shows it’ll be this way till Thursday so I adapt 🙂 My plans for the night include wine, netflix, and lounging in bed with cute loungewear and sunless tanning lotion.

Sounds weird? I’m sure! But there’s no denying the confidence boost i get when I’m sporting a tan and right now could use me a little pick me up!

Here are my tips to get the perfect tan

Prep right: make sure to shave, tweeze and wax the day before to minimize any irritation. You’ll want to shower and gently exfoliate to guarentee even color and minimize any streaks. Completely dry skin and skip any lotions or oils for now.

Pick your poison: you can chose from lotion, mousse, or spray formula!

Lotion: deepest penetrating and longest lasting.

With lotion you’ll want to apply a quarter size blog to each arm, calf, and thigh. Dedicate three more for your stomach, back, and chest (avoid face unless you’re using a special face formula). Starting from the bottom up, wearing latex gloves, rub lotion on each leg from ankle to butt, through torso and then each arm. Smooth excess formula over feet and back of hands.

Mousse: fastest drying, non oily.
With mousse you’ll want to use a tennis ball sized dollop for each leg, use half that for each arm, stomach and chest, and leg. Use a mitt to evenly spread foam from your ankles to neck, from your fingers to your shoulders by making long strokes. Remember never to rub the mousse, it will dry on its own. Lastly, attach mitt to a wooden spoon using a rubber band to reach back and smooth remaining over tops of feet.

Sprays: for all over, perfect coverage. Get in the shower (sprays can be messy) and-holding the can 8 inches from your body- spray in a zigzag pattern. Make sure to clean nails and palms or better yet purchase a barrier cream which will prevent formula from saturating skin in unwanted areas.

I used to work in a tanning salon and while i don’t believe in fake baking and have seen the risky consequences i thought id help anyone interested in a safe tan. Hope I could help.

Love, Miranda.


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