Stay Cool By The Pool


Now that its may (and finally getting warm) I figured id do a quick weekend post on this years beach beauty. Personally for me the most important thing about going to the beach is staying safe and having fun. Make sure to apply an ounce of sunscreen every 2 hours (more often if you’ve been in the water) to keep cancer and wrinkles at bay. I always love to bring a big floppy hat and a straw bag that ill keep wine, food, and -of course- a volley ball or lacrosse sticks.

And to stay trendy this year…


Nails. This year is shying away from the hot pinks and deep corals and moving towards fresh neutrals. Think pale lilac. And avoid matching your nails to your suit, too 90’s



Makeup. Take a notr from the I-woke-up-like-this queen and keep things simple. Not only does a smokey eye or red lips come across as too much for the beach scene, but they also are too high maintenance. While everybody else is having fun, you’ll be worrying about your mascara running and getting your hair stuck in lip gloss. If you feel naked without makeup try a tinted moisturizer with added spf, along with a tinted lip balm and waterproof mascara. Done!


Hair. Slightly less perfect beach waves. You want to look less polished, more surf girl. To get this look start the night before by creating a center part on damp hair. Massage in a drop of volumizing mousse and tie each hald of your hair into a bun (think spice girls) and you’re set for sleep. When you wake up, shake it all out and you’re ready.

And on a side note..

I had a great weekend at the city. But when i got home it is time for a total detox. I just feel so polluted haha.

A great detox for your hair:
Mix one part shampoo to two parts apple cidar vinegar and massage in hair. Let it sit three minutes, rinse and condition as usual. This makes hair soft, silky, and shiney-plus it restores a healthy ph balance to hair and is antibacterial. The vinegar will smell when you apply it but magically goes away when hair dries. I swear by this tip so i figured id share with yall.


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