What Your Lipstick Says About You


We all know people judge based off of visual perception more frequently than not. The average person only takes 7 seconds to decide whether they think they’ll like you or not. Harsh, but true. We unconsciously form our opinions on each other based on what we see.


So what does your lipstick say about you? Color has a particularly strong impact on our emotions (i.e. blue makes us calm, yellow is happy). The lipstick you wear speaks a lot for you, do you know what it’s saying?


Heres how people perceive each lipstick color, and how you can make it work for you.


Color: Plum.
What people see: subdued strength and confidence.
Wear it when: you wish to impress someone without coming off too strong,  say a date or job interview. Since this power color has some warmth to it, its seen as relatable and approachable.


Color: nude.
What people see: relible, loyal, attractive, caring.
Wear it when: you want to come across as open and trustworthy. A date or work collaboration.


Color: pink.
What people see: friendliness, sociable, fun.
Wear it when: you’re meeting new people, or girl time. It’s perfect because you look friendly. Maybe meet your significant other’s family in this one.


Color: red.
What people see: strength, creativity, power, daring.
Wear it when: you need to take charge. Others will automatically see you as the boss in this shade.

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