New Product Alert: Micellar Waters


We all know that the basics of any skin care regimen include cleansing regularly . I’m a simple girl, and between my makeup remover (one for the face, one for the eye), facial soap, toner, moisturizer, sunless tan, and anti-aging serum and lotion… well, needless to say it can get a bit overwhelming. For as long as I can remember it has been necessary to have each of these products as they each do their own special job.

Great news: we can reduce those products! Enter Miceller waters, which act as a cleanser, makeup remover, and moisturizer all in one non-residue swipe that doesn’t need to be washed off. An added bonus is that these products have also been known to fight acne, dryness, inflammation, and even fight aging. Sound too good to be true? Read on.

So what are Micellar Waters? They’ve been around for quite awhile, and are popular overseas (the French are always ahead in the skincare game) and are being newly introduced to the States. These clear, odorless waters that are applied with a cotton pad to remove every last trace of dirt, oil, and makeup (even those labeled waterproof).

One of my favorite benefits of Micellar Water is that you don’t need to rinse off with water when you finish cleansing. I love this because it’s simple and easy but there’s a scientific advantage to this step that many people may not realize. The water that comes from your tap can have many things in it. Hard water includes natural minerals that can cause blockage in skin. Chemically treated water can be harsh and cause inflammation and dryness. And if you have an alkaline filtration system in your house, your water (while good for the body) may end up being too alkaline for your skin making it susceptible to rashes and blemishes.

Since Micellar waters are made of micelles (molecules that lift out and trap dirt, debris, and impurities in pores) they’re great for almost every skin type. They also take the place of cleansing and rinsing with water, and can effectively remove makeup. What’s more impressive is they are also less drying than washing with regular water because they contain fats and lipids that moisturize, making your skin look plump and visibly younger.

I say give them a go! I tried the new Micellar Water by Simple (7$ at drugstores) but you can also invest in Lancome (38$) or Bioderma (35$). After trying the Simple Micellar water, I noticed my skin had less inflammation and was much softer. Oh, and my skincare routine is much more simple now. I couldn’t be more grateful!


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  1. thattallgirl says:

    Love my Bioderma but I’m definitely going to check out the one by Simple next!

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