Get Taken Seriously


Whether you’ve been at your job for 5 years are just starting now, or are planning a future career, here are some tips to ensure you’re never overlooked.

Assess your attire. I love my ugg boots as much as the next girl, as it turns out sometimes that’s a little too much. I had a supervisor tell me once that if i dressed more professionally then opportunities would open up to me. Even though we had a “casual” dress code, i started wearing heels and professional clothes. Maybe it was the confidence from looking good, or the compliments from co-workers, but she was right. I got recognized and received a promotion. Now every time i go to
work i make sure i look as great as i feel and dress to be taken seriously!

Email appropriately. It’s great if you like your boss, not so great if you’re sending her emails that are overly punctuated with emojis. Even if you and your boss are friendly (go you!) Look professional by saving the exclamation points and emojis and maintain a direct and to-the-point email. Next time she or he has a big project, they’ll know your mature enough to handle it.

Speak strongly. Being a cheerleader helped me find my “power voice” by teaching me to enunciate and to speak from my diaphragm. The space behind your chest bone, at the top of the diaphragm is your power center. Tighten your core when you speak (as if you were anticipating a hit) to turn it on.

Know when to keep quiet. Oversharing can be overkill and also harm your chances of excelling at work. Keep your personal life separate from your work life. Even if you trust your coworkers stay professional. Try listening more and talking less. Speak up only when you can contribute.

Dont dwell. Mistakes happen, nobody’s perfect. Its totally natural to feel bad when you slip up but turn it into a lesson instead. Then let it go and make room for more productive thoughts. Employers love to see workers overcome obstacles.

Make room for the important people. I know plenty of people who put work first, second, and third. While that’s plenty fine i still believe you should make room for those who are by your side. You cant keep your support system on the back burner and hope they’ll be there when you need them. Treat your loved ones with compassion and let them know they are just as important as your career.


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