10 Things You Need


Happy Thursday! I’m over here still trying to get over this cold/sinus infection- ugh, but chin up the weekend is coming and it is bound to be a gorgeous one. I plan to relax, and go on a hike by NYC with the boyfriend. I love hiking with him because we’ll take a little road trip, stop at some local stores, and hike up to a beautiful view to eat a home made lunch (usually a sandwich to split and fruit or veggies haha).

But I get a little distracted, what I came here to post about are ten things I truly believe everyone needs in their life to make sure it’s full of love and happiness. Let me know if you agree!

Ten Things You Need To Live A Happy Life

1. A good book that interests and inspires you. I don’t care if you’ve only read one book your entire life, find one that resonates with you and learn from it. I’m currently reading Wild by Cheryl Stayed and it’s amazing! Gain inspiration and wisdom through your book because it’s much easier than learning the hard way (ha-ha). Plus, it’s always a great conversation starter at an event or dinner party.

2. A signature scent. Yes, I posted about this yesterday, but I truly believe that figuring out which fragranceĀ is “yours” is important. Scent is very strongly associated with memory and it’s wise to pick one you wish to be remembered by. By all means feel free to experiment with other perfumes to fit your mood, but choose one that you really love and wear it often -or better yet- only on special occasions.

3. Your most flattering color. Ok, so I’m rather fair skinned, I have dark hair. Orange does not look good on me, and I tend to shy away from green. Purples and violets though? Stunning. Figure out what color is “your color” and buy something in it. Maybe a magenta dress, or a red purse. Maybe fill your closet. The sky is the limit here.

4. A Go-to recipe. For that one time you want to show off your domestic skills. You don’t want to attempt to cook a trendy recipe you’ve never eaten before when cooking for people you want to impress. Sometimes it’s best to chose something you do well-something that tastes damn good even if it’s as simple as breakfast or pizza. Besides, It’s the thought that counts.

5. A song to listen to when you’re feeling down. Say you’ve had a long day at work, had a fight with a friend, or (gasp) are going through a breakup. Having that perfect upbeat song that you know every word of to sing along to can make a huge difference in your day. Turn up the volume, belt your heart out, and be amazed by how much better you feel afterwards!

6. Your favorite flowers. If for no reason other than to know what to tell your partner to send to you at work -what a surprise! Seriously though, I always keep fresh tulips at my house. They make me happy. Find your flower and place them somewhere you’ll see them often. You wont regret it.

7. A makeup routine that can be done in less than 10 minutes. So you overslept? No problem, you’ve got that red-lip nailed down and can be out of the house on time still. Other suggestions: A colored eyeliner, bright lip, or Dewey skin.

8. Someone you can talk to about anything… with no judgement. This one is big. Whether it’s your best friend, boyfriend, or even your mother. Always have that one person that will listen to your problems and give you great advice.

9. A drink you can order at the bar. I have a friend who loves sangria, and even though she claims they’re “something a grandmother would order” she confidently asks for one every time we go out for drinks- because it’s something she likes. Find your specialty drink. It doesn’t have to be all “shaken, not stirred” special. A cosmo, pino, or fruitty-umbrella-garnished drink will all work.

10. A go-anywhere outfit that makes you look like a bombshell. & remember: confidence is sexy, so choose wisely! It could be a tight-fitting little black dress, or jeans and a T-shirt. Pick something that is versatile and comfortable in case you ever have any last minute plans.

That’s all for now. Which one is your favorite?

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