Laid Back Saturday


It’s currently really rainy, grey, and all around “blah” here in Upstate NY. It it this precise reason that I’ve decided to dedicate today to cleaning, running errands, and a good workout followed by a night full of home-spa treatments and a good home cooked dinner with Elliott. We spent last night at the local bar with friends so I’m perfectly OK with a relaxing night in. 


Lazy-pretty Laid-back hair.
Effortlessly pretty and easy, what more could a girl ask for? Instead of towel drying hair, just mist a sea salt spray on hair when it’s almost dry and massage in for a roughed-up feel look.


Pastel eyeliner stickers.
In case you haven’t noticed, these pretty pastel stickers are popping up everywhere since Dior’s spring runway. They’re fun and bright-perfect for spring-but are still clean enough to keep you looking professional. Snag a pair and apply by first prepping lids with an eye primer and curl lashes then place directly above the lash line. No mascara needed.


Brighten up with a scarf.
The easiest and most chic way to look polished while maintaining your weekend hair is to tie it up in a bright scarf. Apply a dallop of volumizing mousse to damp hair, brush it back into a low ponytail, and twist it into a bun. Then wrap a scarf around it and double knot, leaving ends free.


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