Trending Beauty Looks


Some of these looks aren’t for the weak at heart, some of them are incredibly practical. What they all have in common:  they’re super fun and trending for spring.


1. The New Cool Girl Hair. When most people hear the word ‘pigtails’ the last word that comes to mind is ‘sexy’, but this new cool hair is just that. Keep hair deeply parted to one side and create lots of volume at the crown, secure each section loosely with a hair tie and tease if you like.


2. Color Of The Month. For spring its all about magenta as this color contains the depth of winter shades with the brightness we associate with spring.


3. Ingredient Of The Month. The prickly pear helps prevent irritation and its said to be anti-aging. Lately it’s been added to serums, creams, and masks alike, search for one with it by looking for it as an active ingredient or DIY your own by diluting the juices into a mixture of equal parts water and aloe (at full strength the fruit can be irritating). So about a year ago me and my boyfriend headed to the local grocery store and -wanting to try something adventurous- picked out a fruit called “prickly pear”.  Fast forward to an hour later we were covered by tiny, prickly,sliver-like hairs. Moral of the story, use gloves when handling this fruit.


4. For The Brave: Mermaid Hair. The new trendy color is a pastel teal mix and is flattering on every skin tone. If you want to temporarily dye at home mix temp blue dye with conditioner and manic panic snow (a white toner) to get the pastel effect.


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