I Woke Up Like This


Hey guys, how’s it going? Sorry it’s been a few days, I’ve been super stressed about my upcoming dentist appointment tomorrow! Not many things freak my out but the dentist is one person who will always get me.


So since i likely won’t sleep a wink tonight, and my apt is early in the morning, I figured I’d do a quick post on spring’s now tending “barely there” makeup. Tomorrow one of these will undoubtedly be my makeup of choice. Wish me luck!!


1.The Bold Brow. Once a major “don’t”, the statement brow has proved lately to be the next big thing. Cropping up on runways and magazines everywhere, even youtube and instagram all-stars are implementing into their daily look. Its easy: brush brows upward and define the shape with short pencil strokes. Keep it natural by finishing with bronzer on your cheeks and a nude lip.


2. The Almost-Bare Look. Even those who have been blessed with perfect skin can benefit from strategic highlighting. Pat highlighter into upper cheekbones, along the bridge of your nose, and in a tiny triangle in the center of your forehead to lift and brighten features. That’s all you need.


3. The Bright Lip. Perhaps the quickest and easiest way to look healthy and put together- No matter how you really feel. Brighten up a neutral look with a glossy pink shade and a few coats of mascara to look “I-woke-up-like-this-flawless”. (Yes, I really just went there)


4.The Not-So-Perfect Cat Eye. What makes this classic cat eye new is a
slightly messy touch. Use an eye smudging brush or clean shadow brush to gently smudge eye liner just after application. Perfectly imperfect.


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