The Argument For Black & Blue

There are just so many ever changing rules to fashion, really it’s hard to keep track! One of the oldest dated stigmas (along with don’t wear white after labor day- how could you?) is never to wear black with navy.

Proving the old saying wrong, black with navy is one of the most chic looks I’ve seen in awhile. It is a classic take a peek into the fashion Lookbook of French women, they’ve been rocking this look for years. Anything that Chanel produces on the regular is OK with me!

To nail this look you want to choose your deepest, darkest blue. What I love most about this look, is that it is easy! You can choose from loose-fitting, or more body-hugging, even leather. Minimal accessories are a must (your basic clutch is all you need), and a cool girl hair style- think light, breezy, air-dried, with a touch of imperfection.

Avoid patterns to keep this look new and fresh. You also want to avoid showing too much skin, this look is sexy all on it’s own. Because what could be more sexy than breaking the rules and still looking good?

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