A Fresh Start


So my Friday is on its way to complete. I’ve completed work, hit the gym, declined plans to go to a bar (it’s too damn cold), changed into my boyfriends flannel button-up, and have beer and pizza on the way. I wouldn’t trade this for the world, and right now the world can wait.

I was just reading and thinking about getting a fresh start and a clean break from bad habits. Everyone deserves a fresh start, no matter the fact that it’s no longer January!

Here’s a few tips:
(From febuary cosmopolitan issue)


Vice: you bring your inbox to bed.
Checking email at night may make you worse as your job by messing with you focus the next day, according to new research. Set your phone switch to do not disturb mode at 9 pm for better peace of mind and a more restful sleep.


Vice: you can’t imagine your favorite show without your favorite wine. I’m totally guilty of this, but there are so many reasons why its bad to drink on a weeknight, including weight gain and poor sleep. To get your best sleep try something tasty sans alcohol. Warm chai tea (decaffeinated and made with cinnamon and almond milk is my favorite) or air popped pop corn (a bag of kernels cost a dollar and lasts a lifetime, just avoid butter).



Vice: You crave something sweet after lunch. If you’re anything like me you bring a nice healthy salad for lunch and afterward immediately look for something sweet. Try building some sweet but healthy foods into your meals like fresh fruit, that way you won’t be looking for sugar later into the day. Genius tip: seal the deal and signify that your done eating by popping a mint or gum afterward.


Vice: you online shop when you’re busy-bored. So much to do, so not excited for it. Instead of taking a metal break at zappos, pin vacay spots you love. Anticipating experiences- maybe a girl’s trip?- makes its happier than possessions do, says a study in psychological science.


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