The Newest Way To Wear Gloss


“The Wet Look” is everywhere right now, take for instance the glossy lids and cheeks seen all over the runways this season. Gloss on lips? Been there-done that. Here’s the most current way to shine

Lips. The newest liquid lip colors are a lovely hybrid of a balm, gloss, and long lasting lipstick- all in one! They go on very easy, for a high-shine, long lasting look swipe on every few hours. Or- if you’re looking for a more natural stained look- you can apply a few dots to the center (if applied too close to the outer edges of the mouth it can appear like a smudgy old liner) and smoosh lips together back and forth.


Eyes. Glossy eyes are the perfect new way to wear color (or not!). Long lasting and with powerful impact a little goes a long way. Since you only have about 20 seconds to work with before the water and oil evaporates and the product dries i recommend applying quickly! Once these colors set they’ll stay in place, which is a good thing!

Cheeks. Apply to the center of cheekbones and smudge out for the perfect rosy glow. These are incredibly easy to blend so you don’t need to apply too much color and will almost always get an even finish. For a sexy “no makeup” look, apply a light, clear, gloss to the highest points of your cheekbones (think of it as your new dewy highlighter). Incredibly easy and amazingly gorgeous!


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