To Borrow, Or Not To Borrow? Beauty Essentials


(Modified from 2015 Januar/Febuary Cosmo)

We’ve all been there as girls (and guys). You’re getting ready to go out together and -oops, you forgot your mascara! Easy fix is to borrow your buds, right? That may not be your best move according to this article by Deanna Pai.

Razors: Worst case scenario, you could get Staph or a blood-borne virus like HIV. This is because razors can transmit bacteria and draw blood (ever nick yourself shaving?). According to Deborah Sarnoff, MD, and derm in NYC while it is unlikely, you can contract a staph infection, hepatitis, and even HIV.

Eye Makeup: Worst case scenario, you could end up with Conjunctivitis (read: Pinkeye). Since your eye is a.damp and b.less able to protect itself, it is a perfect place for bacteria to grow. This makes you much more likely to get irritation and conjunctivitis while sharing your stash.

Makeup Brushes: Worst case scenario, a skin infection. Bacteria love your bristles, as they are long and more difficult to clean. When your brushes get damp, they’re even more likely to develop bacteria. If you borrow a less-than-clean brush, you are literally dusting their germs onto your face and also contaminating the products that you are using.

Face-Cleansing Brush: Worst case scenario, also a skin infection. After cleansing those bristles are packed with dead skin cells (hence why your skin is so radiant after using). Bacteria feed on these cells and then get transferred to your skin when you use the brush. It’s best to just skip this one altogether.

Anything In A Jar: Worst case scenario, a skin infection. Jars are breeding grounds for bacteria. Every time someone dips their finger into said jar, surface bacteria are deposited into the formula and due to the moisture and sealed off environment can multiply. That being said, make sure your hands are always clean when using anything in a jar, even if its your own product.

Lip Color: Worst case scenario, colds and cold sores. You’ve probably heard this one right? The mouth doesn’t have the same outermost epidermal layer of skin which makes it more susceptible to infections and colds. Besides, you never know where another person’s mouth has been.


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  1. Kristina Gjini says:

    This post definitely made me think twice about letting other people borrow/borrowing products without disinfecting them first. Yikes!

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