Happy Monday


I can say that, because this this girl is still on vacation. I’m back from the lovely cabin retreat (more on that in my next post) and though i already miss it, it sure does feel good to be back at home sweet home! Hope everyone had a happy and safe Valentine’s day!

All About That Blush

It’s completely understandable how someone could be confused or intimidated by blush. Blush, when applied correctly, really can complete your look and has such a subtle sexiness- I mean, it is there to mimic flushed cheeks, what could be sexier?

Step One: find the right shade. Blush isn’t one size fits all. Each skin tone has its own undertones and you’re going to want to pick your blush accordingly.



If you’re fair: bubble-gum pink or anything with pale, cool, undertones will look best on you. Try: clinique in iced lotus ($22 clinique.com)  or Revlon haute pink ($10 Revlon.com)



If you’re medium: look for warm undertones like peach or coral. Whats best about these shads is that you can apply them bright for a more intense look, or chose a more tawny shade for a natural glow. Try Rimmel London stay blushed cheek tint in peach flush ($3.29 at drugstores) or Diorblush in peach splendor ($44 dior.com)



If you’re dark: look for magenta or berry shades, which has enough depth to hold up to darker skin tones. Try Laura Geller baked swirl blush in plumberry ($26 at ulta) or clinique berry blush ($22 clinique.com)

Step Two: pick your finish. This is a very important and often overlooked step as the consistency can make or break your experience. Ever find yourself layering on tons of powder blush and then find that you’ve overdone it? Or applied a deep shade when you only wanted a sheer “flush”? Heres what you need to know.

Stain: these are sheer liquid blushes that will sink naturally into skin. To apply a stain you will want a brush to quickly and evenly dispense product before it has a chance to sink in.

Cream: perfect for beginners as they are often sheer and can be built up naturally. Apply with a brush for the most natural finish.

Cream-Powder: these are easy to apply, and have long lastng staying power. Layer over foundation and set with translucent powder (to ensure that it will blend well into skin). Just keep in mind these can have more color pigments so that you don’t overdo it.

Matte Powder: layers seamlessly and keeps shine at bay. Use a big fluffy brush to apply, using a brush w less dense bristes will make this easy to control.

Trendy New Applications


The Tan Line: run blush from the high point of the cheekbone, straight across the bridge of the nose to the opposite cheekbone for a fliry look.


The “C” Curve. Apply blush in a “C” from the temple to the high points of your cheek bones (find them by making a kissy face, they are what stick out directly above the hollow of your cheeks).


Sporty Flush. This one is easy, find where your body naturally flushes and apply a concentrated amount of blush there, blending to even out. This look is more of a statement maker, so keep eyes and lips natural to avoid looking too “80’s”.


The Under Eye Glow. This is my favorite soft-romantic look. Work blush high on your cheek bones near your under eye area. I prefer cream blush here, applied with fingerstips (which will warm and blend easier) for a dewy, natural look.


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    Amazing post, love it! ❤

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