Single or Taken: Simple Ways To Enjoy Valentine’s day.


The clock is ticking! This year is the first year I’m actually doing something special for V-Day, and I’ve celebrated many (single and taken). Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be all about presents and PDA- though if that’s your thing, it’s the perfect excuse to celebrate. For me, it’s about taking a day to appreciate the beauty of life and the relationships you already have in your life (boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, family). So here’s how to do exactly that. Enjoy.

My Favorite Ways To Celebrate V-Day.

1. Bake treats and distribute them to friends, family, coworkers, strangers.. ect. Nothing makes you “feel the love” like freshly baked sweets. Plus, its amazingly fun to decorate food with pink hearts and “glittery” sprinkles.

2. Treat yourself to a movie night. Everyone can partake in this! Movies can be watched solo, with a friend, in a group, or with your s/o. Crowd favorites: The Notebook, Safe Haven (pretty much anything Nicholas Sparks) 27 Dresses, and Valentine’s Day are my favorites. Or, show just how much you love your ‘manly man’ with movies he’ll love like The Expendables 3 … pretty much anything with explosions. Tip: Everybody wins if you watch Magic Mike, drool.

3. Make a playlist of romantic songs. Make a playlist of “your songs” and add in some that he has mentioned he loves, he will never forget it! Warning though: this is an AWESOME idea, just keep it light and playful. I learned the hard way that he generally doesn’t want music that is depressing… no matter how much he may like the song. Haha.

4. Buy a friend or co worker a coffee. This is also a super easy, cheap, and incredibly thoughtful way to enjoy the day. It shows that you really appreciate that person in your life and subtly thanks them for always being there for you, even if you just needed to borrow a stapler. Plus, giving makes you feel all warm inside, and who doesn’t want to feel good about themselves?

5. Write a list of things you love about him. Keep it simple with 10 or fill the entire card/page. Every year I write my boyfriend some variation of “what I love about you” and I swear he loves it more than any gift I could give him. Include little things and inside jokes for bonus points.

6. Create a Valentines cocktail, maybe invite some friends over. It’s a holiday so its time to celebrate right?

7. Give a friendly compliment. Because if they smile, you smile, and that promotes happiness for everyone. Try to pay it forward and see what the day brings.

8. Cook a new recipe. This is another thing I love to do with Elliott. Some music, a glass of wine, and lots of laughs while attempting to make that new super-fancy recipe that nobody can pronounce. It really is a great bonding experience! Plus, the smell of food cooking can be incredibly sensual.

9. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile. Maybe an old friend that you haven’t really been in touch with, or a family member.  This can raise your spirits incredibly, just having a quick conversation has a huge impact.

10. Give a boquet of flowers to someone… even if its yourself. Because you deserve those beautiful pink roses.

11. Eat breakfast in bed and never leave. Valentine’s day is on a Saturday- I won’t judge!

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