Winter wonderland


It’s been blizzarding for the past 3 hours here, I’m not complaining,really. I love the snow! Nothing is better than playing in the snow and then snuggling up with a warm drink by a fireplace.


Today we gave our new snowshoes a try! We got these L.L. Bean snow shoes for christmas and finally have enough snow to play! We had an amazing 2 hour walk along the river and then came home for grilled cheese on rye bread and hot soup. Now im all bungled up with my man and my puppies. Perfect sunday:)

5 New Ways To Wear Liner
I post these light-heartedly. I like to cover runway fashion and makeup looks that may seem extreme, but will in one way or another translate into everyday looks. Its like the infamous
scene from The Devil Wears Prada where they discuss the “blue sweater”. Do i believe you should paint massive falsn lashes on your eyes for work/school tomorrow? No, but i do believe that one day, in some form or another, it will “trickle down”. Better to be ahead of the trends.


Look 1: Ombré Waterline. This season, Ombré is showing up on the eyes. Draw white pencil on your waterline from the inner corner to the center, then bring in an electric blue from the opposite direction, letting them mingle in the middle.


Look 2: Painted-On Lashes. If Twiggy listened to black metal, these spidery lashes would be her thing. Here’s how makeup artist Pat McGrath did this dolly look: Rim the eyes in black cream liner, then draw lashes like starburst rays, pointing them all up and outward.


Look 3: Bright Underliner.  A vivid steak under the eye is a daunting prospect, but you can tailor the color and the placement of the line to your preferences.  Create a thick slash at the inner or outer corner for an intense effect, or tint only the waterline for a subtle flash.


Look 4: Sooty Layers. Trace a black pencil from the middle of the upper lash line to the outer corner. Then follow with black cream liner and, finally, black liquid liner. At the outer corner, add a chunky wedge (using cream liner) that looks smudged on.


Look 5: Liner-Only Smoky Eye. Run a creamy black-brown pencil along the top lashes and scribble it halfway up the lid like eye shadow, then use your fingers to blend it into the crease and around the outer corner. Trace the same liner along the entire lower lash line and buff it out with your finger.

Cat Eye Variations:


1. Mild. The hack for a perfect cat eye: stamp three dots diagonally upward from the edge of the outer corner, Then connect them with liner.


2. Exaggerated. McGrath chose a brown-grey mixture over classic black. The worn-in effect kept the extra-long flick from looking too startling.


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