Laid-Back Weekend Guide


So you spend all week waiting for Friday, then you blink and it’s Monday again. You want to come out of the weekend feeling refreshed, not stressed. Try to cut back on errands and running around if you can. I’m trying really hard to slow down and relax this weekend. This is especially difficult for me as the second I sit down,ย  I remember something that needs to be done. Here’s to 50-50? Haha

Im all about the perfectly easy, elegant hair bun. My favorite new twists on the ballerina bun.


Soft and woven. A hairline braid gives texture and a laid-back vibe to a basic bun. For this look your hair should be medium length, past the shoulders. Part damp hair on the side and blow dryer down and around the part so that the hair stays in place. Once it’s dry, spritz with a texturing spray to thicken and help hold. Starting at the thick side of the part, braid hair along the hairline. Add small sections of hair from along the part every other rotation as you make your way towards the ear. Be sure to pick up pieces only from the part (not the hairline). The braid should get a little thicker as you go along. Once you reach the nape of your neck, collect all the hair from the other side and add it to the end of the braid. You should now have all your hair in your hands at the nape of your neck. Braid it together straight down the back. Coil the braid at the nape of your neck and anchor it with u-shaped pins.


Low and loose. This looped look is even prettier when a few short layers break free. A headband that wraps all the way around your head is more than an accessory-it can hold a low, looped updo. Work mousse through towel-dried hair, flip your head upside-down, and blow dry. Part your hair in the middle and loosely wrap a few of the front pieces around a one-and-a-half-inch curling iron, turning the iron away from your face. Position your headband an inch from your hairline and around the back of your head, just above the base of your nape. It should sit on your head like a hat. Push it up slightly to create volume at the crown. Mist the length of your hair with texturing spray, gather it into a low ponytail, and tuck it up and over the headband at the nape, smooshing it all together in the middle. Use several pins to create a round bun shape from the tucked hair and to add additional support. Loosen a couple of pieces and mist with shine spray.


High and messy. There’s a certain toughness to a bun thats anchored at the crown and windswept. When the hair is dry, spritz it all over with a salt spray, then rough-dry it to create a tousled, matte texture. Use your finger to rake all your hair up to the crown and secure it in a ponytail. Leaving a one-inch section hanging free, fold the ponytail in half-dont twist it- by holding it straight towards the ceiling and bending it over the width of four fingers (if you have long hair like me, you will have to fold it several times until you reach the base) . Secure the bun to the base of the ponytail with several pins. Take the one inch loose section and wrap it around the bun until the elastic is covered, pin the ends into the base of the bun. Run the palms of your hands from the crown to the hairline to free some hairs. Finish with a light hold hair spray.

Tight and sleek. Some teasing underneath adds softness to a slick chignon. Rough dry your hair, flipping your head over for the last few minutes to create some volume. Tease the hair as the crown and secure into a tight ponytail just below the center of your head. Take a two-inch piece of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic, then slide two bobby pins under the base of the ponytail to hold it. Divide the ponytail in half -top and bottom. Tease the bottom portion until its fluffy, and brush the top portion so it’s silky. Smooth the top layer over the fluff and roll all the hair under towards the nape of the neck. Pin the roll to the base of the ponytail-you’ll probably need half a dozen bobby pins. Hold each side of the roll and gently widen it with your fingers, pin down the edges. To finish, put a little smoothing oil in your palms and run them over your hair, add a generous mist of hair spray.


One of my favorite ways to relax is with a long, relaxing soak in a tub. Warm, water, music, champagne, and a good book? My idea of a good time ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s how:


(Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch)

Know Your Basic Essentials.
(Music and a good book optional)




Bath oils.bath oil (or safflower, almond, or sunflower oil) keeps moisture in, but only if you use a generous amount-a whole cup per bath. Just make sure to clean the tub really well after you get out so that the next person doesn’t slip.


Soft lighting. Though this isn’t a necessity, I love to light scented candles before a good soak. Very calming.


Bath Tray. Reading in the bath is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Staining your arm muscles to keep the book out of the water is not. The material doesn’t really matter. What does matter is whether or not it has a wine glass holder and book stand.

Wine or champagne. If you haven’t tried this yet you’re missing out! There is nothing more relaxing than some bubbly with your bubbles. Though it is NOT a necessity. If you’re under age or do not drink, simply disregard.

Your softest towels. Because you want to ease back into reality slowly.

A high quality robe. Soft and warm- this item is a worthy investment. So much so that you may just decide to continue your night in pretend spa world. Pedicure? Face mask? Why not, you’ve got time!

How do you relax during the wekend? Leave it in the comments, id love to know.

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  1. What beautiful pictures, I’m feeling more relaxed already!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Nothing better than being relaxed on the weekend ๐Ÿ˜Š


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