What To Wear On Date Night

Hey guys, happy Monday. Hopefully everyone had a safe and happy superbowl Sunday (i know i did). Also, if you live anywhere in the northeast with this lovely blizzard i hope your travels are safe! My office closed early so thankfully all is well in my household. And though ive eaten pretty healthy lately, im thinking mac and cheese for dinner this cold night sounds pretty amazing.

Back to the reason im posting: Valentine’s day is just around the corner. I’m not a huge Valentine’s day person, just another day with my man (its been 4 years). We usually just make a delicious dinner, drink wine, and listen to music. This year were going away to our upstate lake house and im actually pretty excited! No matter what you’re doing, if you plan to go out on a date here are some easy attire suggestions. Dates are hard enough, at least you’ll have your outfit covered 😉





Stick to the classics: this is not the time to road-test a trendy look. If the date is casual, a white shirt (with the top buttons open) under a bomber jacket that hits right at your butt can be girlied up with lipstick; it’s a look thats no-fuss hot. Or go for a pencil skirt with a liquid-silk blouse (the fabric clings beautifully on the bust but drapes forgivingly elsewhere) and simple stiletto heels.



Show skin strategically:  try a strapless or spaghetti-strap top that shows off your shoulders, paired with black pants. Or a fitted turtleneck dress with long sleeves; it leaves something to the imagination while highlighting your silhouette.


Keep jewelry minimal: I’m into dainty earrings with a tiny diamond- they’re so feminine. I love delicate layered chains or a very thin choker, which is suggestive without being obvious.

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