Sexy Saturday


Tonight is double date night for me but seriously, every Saturday should be sexy in some way or another. Whether youre going out with the girls, going out with a boy, or just hanging out by yourself do something to make it sensual. At least get up and maybe buy fresh flowers (i got those yellow tulips for under 10$ at the store down the road from my house), shower with a new scented wash, light some candles, or drink a glass of wine and cook a decadent meal. All of these tiny things make your day more “sexy”. Im not saying you cant relax by yourself-hey its Saturday, spend it how you like to- but theres something borderline mopey feeling about a glum, frumpy, day.


And if you need some makeup inspired:


“Im looking to score” eyes. They’re sultry, sexy, “come hither” without being too over the top or look like youre trying too hard. Perfect. This season’s smudgy, glossy eye is hot and hook-up ready. Use a chubby black pencil to rim inner and outer lashes. Then use your finger to smudge the black back to your crease. Finally, dab clear lip balm onto the center of your lids. I recommend finishing with bronzer under your cheekbones and above your brows, with a nude lip.



When you’re ready to have a night out with the girls. This look should be fun, and all about you. Graphic teal or bright pink get the message across. The more abstract the cooler. A creamy nude lip keeps all eyes on yours.


When your looking for commitment. It helped Cleopatra lock down man after man and a classic cat eye can do the same for you. The trick: gel liner applied with a slanted liner brush. Unlike pencil, it lasts well into the a.m. hours. Balance out bold eyes with a sweep of blush.


When youre in a long term relationship and want to switch things up. For guys and make-up: less is more. And by less, i mean they want to believe you’re just naturally and effortlessly sexy (who doesn’t just always wake up a Victoria’s Secret model? Thanks guys). Switch things up for your man from that go-to smokey eye to a vibrant, sexy strawberry wash on your lips, which mimics your natural coloring. Using your finger to apply color to your lips which will melt into your skin naturally and last longer. A dewy and more sheer formula of foundation, say bb or cc cream (you will have less coverage but flaws are sexy!). I love my clinique cc cream which leaves a dewy finish. Complete the look by linng only the inner rims of your upper and lower lashes (lining only the inner rims looks natural but has been proven to be found majorly attractive to men) with a black -brown gel liner, a curl of the lashes, and a few sweeps of black mascara. Illuminating cream and bronzer optional.  Drool worthy.


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