People fall in love in mysterious ways.

Happy Thursday! Its been a strange day, on the bright side i got paid☺ cant wait for the weekend where ill get to meet up with old friends. Nothing makes me happier.

A roundup of my week.


Delicious spaghetti squash parmesan. This was a healthy, happy medium as my boyfriend wanted chicken parm. The trick to truly having amazing spaghetti squash? Cut the squash into 1 inch rings (not lengthwise as usually advised)  bake them at 400 for around minutes and separate with a fork when slightly cooled. The strands will be over twice as long and resemble pasta more accurately.


At home fragrance trick. My amazing man actually thought of this and it is incredible, like im so happy he recommended it. Take febreeze vent air fresheners (i used midnight storm) and press them into your heating vent, they should click right in. When your heat clicks on it will heat the fragrance and make whatever room you’re in smell awesome! A must try.


Something bright. Is it spring yet? Seriously thought, ive been craving anything to remind me that one day spring will come! Bright flowers always help, and a bright matching vase? Yes please.


Winter nails. I went with blue and shimmer. Usually i dont go “all out”  with my nails, but like i said: feeling a little blue. No pun intended haha. A little shimmer and were golden. Seriously though, im not trying to be cheesy it just comes naturally.


An effortlessly sexy makeup look. What better to compliment a smoky eye than a nude lip. Now i wouldnt necessarily use as light of a nude .. i think too pink-y can look a little bit dated. I recommend clinique chubby stick in ‘super strawberry’ my absolute favorite, its a sheer pink that looks good on EVERY skin tone. For the eyes. Apply a charcoal eyeliner to the lash line and smudge to the crease, adding more as needed (a cream or gel liner that has one end liner and a smudging applicator on the other works best). So easy.  For a 2015 twist dab a bit of clear shine on top of the smokey eye directly to the center of your eyelid. Mascara, and your out the door. A clean, non- fussy face works best with this look.


Ed sheerans new song thinking out loud, self explanatory.


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